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Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Sam Harris Sinks Lower Than You Could Ever Imagine!

I remember when people regarded Sam Harris as some sort of great thinker of our time. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA – The Quartering

What kind of damage the pandemic inflicted on Sam Harris physically may never be known, but anyone whose heard the public intellectual open his mouth for the past year or so has to have been struck by the depths to which he has sunk mentally while desperately scrambling to justify his demonstrably wrongheaded response to COVID and the Trump presidency. Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss Harris’ mental gymnastics in explaining why he was right to have gotten COVID wrong while people like Joe Rogan and Bret Weinstein who got it right were actually wrong.

“We still don’t entirely know what’s up with that laptop.” In 2023, Sam Harris still believes that Hunter Biden’s laptop doesn’t prove anything. 

Sam Harris is just totally mindbroken – Jack Posobiec

  • According to Sam Harris, in a world of implausibly terrible diseases, unbelievably excellent vaccines, and incredibly reliable experts, we should stifle dissent and force inoculate. He’s wrong about that—but even more remarkable, he believes that assertion has relevance to COVID. – Brett Weinstein
  • I thought Neil DeGrasse Tyson was the biggest dimwit atheist in the news this week, but Sam Harris has entered the chat – Not The Bee
  • Folks, this is who they REALLY are. Listen closely and understand he means what he says. – Bongino
  • Guys like Sam Harris will engage in the most absurd whataboutery until their dying day, rather than admit they were wrong. “But what if it had been airborne ebola with a 1-month incubation.” It wasn’t; we knew that very quickly; and such a disease couldn’t even exist anyway. – Raw Egg Nationalist
  • Listen to Sam Harris talk about how it would be better to engineer a more deadly virus with a better vaccine, so that people cannot refuse it. Under the right circumstances these psychopaths will do horrible things to you and your family and feel completely fine with it. – Bow Tied Mara

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