President Trump blasts the J6 Committee for deleting their records: “That’s a criminal act!” - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

President Trump blasts the J6 Committee for deleting their records: “That’s a criminal act!”

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these fu*king assholes lied for years about trump and they wonder why people dont trust them because they are grifting pieces of shit – Tim Pool (see clip below) 

Hello Trump lawyers. Will you be filing an interlocutory appeal if the Obama judge imposes an intolerable gag order on President Trump? Jack Smith, thug, is also demanding a trial on Jan 2. 2024, which makes clear the regime’s intention to not only interfere with the election, but to use a DC Democrat jury to get a quick guilty finding on one or more of the bogus charges — in order to try and knock him out of the race. Will you file an interlocutory appeal if the judge refuses to push the date out until after the election? Smith, the thug, and the judge, an Obama donor and appointee, may think they are boxing you in, but they would be giving you every reason to seek appellate court, then SCOTUS appeal if need be. It’s not a sure thing, but it’s what you have. – Mark Levin

AMAZING SONG (see below)

Trump: The greater threat is from within! These radical fascists and Marxists we have in our government, you can’t talk to them. They’re nuts. They’re crazy  Freedom (Trump clip at Twitter)

They arrested Trump for protesting a rigged fraudulent election – Hodge Twins

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  • Yeah. I do hate the GOP. But Florida has closed primaries and I’m not going to give up my chance to vote AGAINST @RonDeSantis
    in the Florida GOP primary. So I stayed registered as a Republican so I can vote for Trump in the primary. Two things can be true at once. – Laura Loomer
  • RINO Chris Christie is super upset that Donald Trump and his supporters keep making fun of his weight. “I am so in his head,” said Christie who is polling at a whopping 5%. Kinzinger 2.0… mentally and physically “What’s he doing talking about me? It’s because now I’m in second place in New Hampshire and if he looks at everything I’ve done in my career and what he wants to talk about is the way I look fine. Because I’ll tell you this, there are tens of millions of Americans who’ve struggled with their weight the same way I struggle with my weight.” “You wanna say something? Two weeks from tonight show up. I’ll be on the stage.” – Collin Rugg

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