Something is up… EXCLUSIVE: Church friend of Utah man killed in FBI raid speaks out - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Something is up… EXCLUSIVE: Church friend of Utah man killed in FBI raid speaks out

Was the FBI’s raid of the house of Craig Robertson an overreaction? Glenn speaks with Travis Lee Clark, a church friend of the 75-year-old man who was killed in the raid in Provo, Utah. Clark describes the Craig Robertson he knew, who came across as very different from his social media presence. Clark also questions why the FBI sent a SWAT team to raid Robertson’s house when they should have known from a previous visit that he was “not a very mobile guy” and, in Clark’s words, “simply not capable” of carrying out the threats he wrote online. Glenn also asks Clark to comment on why Robertson’s body was allegedly left outside for hours where neighbors and young children could see it.

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  • The FBI just raided the home of someone who posted anti-Joe Biden comments on social media. When the FBI raided the man’s home, they shot him to death. – Laura Loomer – linking to ABC news story
  • 75 year old man who needed a cane to walk was selected for extermination by the FBI. Notice that none of the actual death threats against Trump led to this response. Dark times ahead. Read the book – “ordinary men”! – Cernovich
  • NEW: Neighbor releases video of FBI raid that led to the death of Craig Robertson after threats against Biden – Not The Bee
  • Violent Threats Against Trump Resurface After FBI Kills Handicapped Elderly Man For Threatening Biden On Facebook Trending Politics

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