Yesterday’s inflation numbers came in flat – someone is scamming huh! Completely faked data - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Yesterday’s inflation numbers came in flat – someone is scamming huh! Completely faked data

Yesterday’s inflation numbers came in flat, driven by plunging energy costs — standard in early recession. And, of course, fortified by a fictitious 34% drop in health insurance costs. The numbers were a bump of coke to markets, who decided the Fed’s done hiking. Yet core inflation came in hot once again, marking the 28th month at or above 4% in this very transitory inflation of ours. Beyond energy, we saw ominous drops in used cars and household goods. Both suggesting consumers are battening down the hatches.

This is completely fake inflation data when they do stuff like this. Does anyone believe that health care costs declined by -34% between Oct 2022 and Oct 2023? Thanks to a new method by the govt Bureau of Labor Statistics … It’s not your premium they measured but health insurer PROFITS, factoring in plan differences. Company profits dip, causing the -34%.

  • No matter what the government tells you or what the biased reports are saying… Inflation is still out of control and the border is still wide open. – Gunther Eagleman
  • Monthly inflation numbers came in flat, sending the Dow up 500 points on a bet the Fed’s done hiking. But dig in and it turns out essentially everything went up but energy, which cancelled the rest out and which always falls in recessions. Toss in a fictitious 34% drop in health insurance and government statisticians managed to claw their way to flat. Strip out the games and you get core stuck at 4% for the 28th month, “baking in” future inflation for years to come. – Wall Street Silver
  • I have been wondering how fake the economic numbers will be for the next year with the administration trying to convince people how well they are doing financially…when we all go grocery shopping regularly and we see the inflation eating away at our monthly budget. – Fancy
  • With inflation at record highs, illegal immigration out of control, all time high numbers of violent crimes, and a war going on, Joe thinks the best thing to do is worry about what he thinks the temperature might be in 10,000 years. Chad Prather

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