Dr. McCullough: The COVID Vaccines Have Killed Up to 600,000 Americans - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Dr. McCullough: The COVID Vaccines Have Killed Up to 600,000 Americans

Dr. McCullough: The COVID Vaccines Have Killed Up to 600,000 Americans “Dr. @PierreKory and Mary Beth Pfeiffer … are reporting record all-cause mortality. The only thing that’s new since 2021 is mass vaccination,” attested Dr. @P_McCulloughMD . “The number could be as high as 500,000 to 600,000 Americans have died after the vaccine.” Myocarditis is also “not clearing up,” lamented Dr. McCullough. “The majority of kids are developing a scar in the heart who have myocarditis. That’s going to set them up for cardiac arrests later on in life.”

CDC Admit 120K US Children Died Suddenly Following Covid Jab Rollout: People’s Voice

Robert F. Kennedy Jr on How the Offshoring of Fauci’s Bioweapons Experiments May Have Led to the COVID Pandemic “The intelligence agencies that are actually being honest about that, and most of them are not, believe…the most likely scenario is that Ben Hu and two other researchers who were working on infectious coronavirus bioweapons got sick, and they didn’t know it, and so they were riding that subway line everyday infecting people before they actually got symptoms. And that’s probably what happened but nobody knows.”

Why were Pfizer’s deadly heart effects kept secret? On August 3rd the Australian Senate held a COVID hearing. Sen. Gerard Rennick asked Dr. Krishan Thiru, Pfizer’s Australian medical director, to explain the mechanism of how the mRNA COVID shot causes myocarditis. Thiru, however, kept talking in circles rather than answering the question. Either Pfizer has no idea how the shot damages the heart, which raises serious questions about the company’s scientific qualifications, or they do know but refuse to admit it, for fear of liability. Pfizer appears to have sponsored campaigns to push for the jab to be mandated, at least in the U.S., thereby maximizing the potential damage along with profits. According to Marc Girardot, the bolus theory can explain how and why the mRNA COVID shots damage the heart and other organs (see an illustration of the bolus theory below). Several other theories and hypotheses have also been proposed, including molecular mimicry, immune response to mRNA, dysregulated cytokine expression, ACE2 suppression, endothelial damage, lipid nanoparticles triggering syncytia formation and impeding the electrical conduction of the heart, and more. Learn more at Mercola DOT com.  – Dr. Mercola

Fauci appointed the panel of “experts” who decided only costly drugs like remdesivir could be used to treat COVID. Did you know they all took money from its manufacturer? Our doctors need to think critically and stop blindly following corrupt guidelines. Dr. Kory

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  • “Scientific and medical data from China was never considered reliable before COVID… Once the biowarfare cartel took over…there was only one objective: scare everyone as much as possible to gain compliance with lockdowns.” Michael Senger – Brownstone article linked
  • A new “Covid variant” psyop and clot shot are coming to the market as the Regime prepares for election season. Refuse to believe their lies. Refuse to take their poison. Refuse to be a part of their experiment. Refuse to comply. – Died Suddenly
  • Evidence has shown that Ivermectin was an effective treatment against Covid-19 from the start. The FDA quietly acknowledged the drug’s effectiveness with approval last week. Imagine how many lives could have been saved if they had followed the science three years ago. – Rep Andy Biggs
  • Has anyone done a comparison by sport? UFC would be the control group as they weren’t required to take the Covid vaccine. I suspect The Science (TM) isn’t much interested in doing this analysis, although it’s of obvious research value. Cernovich

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