Scamming fakers of the Jan 6th Committee busted destroying evidence. Interesting…. - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Scamming fakers of the Jan 6th Committee busted destroying evidence. Interesting….

Trump won his case, how about that. This will not go well in court, not any court. Except that

How ironic that the January 6 Committee committed the very “crime” Trump is charged with. Actually what they did was far worse: they admit destroying records. All Trump allegedly did was move some boxes around and wave a piece of paper. – Breitbart

President Trump just accused the January 6 “Unselect” Committee of destroying all evidence and records having to do with their investigations. Trump correctly calls this a criminal act. Rep. Barry Loudermilk of Georgia — chairman of the Subcommittee on Oversight — appeared on Fox News yesterday saying the J6 committee was required by law and House rules to preserve their records but failed. If any conservative had willingly destroyed evidence they’d be arrested for it and prosecuted. But since the US Government does it no criminal charges will be filed against them. The only power Republicans currently have is in the House. Kevin McCarthy needs to hold hearings on the J6 committee members who destroyed this evidence and fully expose their corruption. It’s not as good as having them arrested but shining light on these criminals does help. If they can do this to Trump and get away with it imagine what they can do to us. Actually we already know — just look at the J6 defendantsPaul Szypula

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  • “More on this later but she’s the judge who forced Trump to turn over records to J6 committee.” WAIT!!! I’m sure I read where the J6 Committee is destroying their records. Hmmm – Cindy Deal (Has some of the Julie Kelly Notes)
  • J6 Committee failed to preserve records, has no data on Capitol Hill security failures, GOP charges – Fox News
  • The J6 Unselect Committee, having been accused of destroying their records, is now under scrutiny for what they previously said about destroying evidence during their publicized trial of President #Trump. These people are nothing but professional criminals. 50 States of Lie
  • With J6 committee destroying records I wonder if the Democrats are just realizing how badly they screwed up giving Trump the legal right to look at the records. I wonder how many Democrats will go to jail because of this. New York Times Op-ed Warns of ‘Terrible Consequences‘ of Prosecuting Trump – Pat Dooley

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