Super Thread On President Trump. – BAM, BAM, BAM – The Left Hates this thread. Good! - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Super Thread On President Trump. – BAM, BAM, BAM – The Left Hates this thread. Good!

One positive thing is that for four years, we’ve watched the most incompetent President we have ever had destroy our country, and we’ll do things that we would have never been able to do, had we just done it the traditional way – Video at TruthSocial

President Trump: “This will be the single biggest and most important election in the history of our country – maybe in the history of the WORLD.” – Video at TruthSocial

DeSantis Isn’t Any More Ready To Be President Than Marco Rubio Was I listened to Trump’s talk with the South Carolina GOP tonight. It’s plainly obvious why he does so much better with voters than DeSantis. Trump tells stories that engage people on topics they care about. That approach makes them feel like he really cares about them, he creates the warm glow of a conversation with an old friend. He also makes people feel certain that he will deliver on promises because, in most cases, he has a successful track record, he’s the guy that’s done it before and has the know-how. Trump spent four years in office and didn’t get us in even one war. This is unheard of in my lifetime that goes back quite a ways. Trump negotiated four Middle East peace agreements that everyone in the State Department said was impossible and he did it without getting us involved in a long, intractable war. Trump has developed a reputation for winning against impossible odds so, people trust he will. With DeSantis, voters feel like they’re being sold a bill of goods — they’re being promised a smart, slick talking politician that forms sentences that will be welcome in D.C. polite society.  continued below the clip

But, everyone knows that if he actually tries to accomplish the things he promises he’ll be met with a firestorm of dissent and treachery. No matter how nicely you tell someone that you’re going to take away their power and trillions of dollars, they’re going to take out the long-knives and come after you. Voters don’t believe DeSantis can stand up to the attacks the way Trump has proven he can. DeSantis’ fearful demeanor and lack of confidence in London told voters everything they needed to know — this guy is just like Marco Rubio, a great guy and effective governor in this case, but he’s not ready to take on the powerful dictators that are trying to destroy the United States and could land us in World War III. When it comes to his communication ability, DeSantis is severely lacking. Instead of engaging people with stories that put them in the picture and make them feel like it’s all about them, DeSantis barks at them like a drill sergeant telling them what he’s going to do to the woke liberals that cross him. He does it in a nasally, monotone voice that has a tendency to grate on people after being exposed to it for a while. I can tell you with 100% certainty, monotone never sells.  Continued Below The Clip

And all that to get a guy that talks nice when the people who are trying to destroy us don’t care how nice you are, if they can destroy you, they will. When voters think everything trough, they’re not going to be willing to roll the dice on a kid still wet behind the ears, even if he’s been a successful governor. We’ve had lots of governors that didn’t turn out very well at the presidential level – George Bush, Jeb Bush, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney. They’re going to go with the proven warrior who is Trump. They’ll decide, all things considered, that Trump’s brashness isn’t so bad if we return to the Trump economy and Southern border. They know China is a threat and Trump isn’t taking money from billionaires that want to give China free reign so they can gain rights to expand operations there and get even richer. Those billionaires left Trump because he wouldn’t play ball on China and went to DeSantis. Voters know DeSantis will have to pay his billionaires back by being weak on China and keeping the gates to China open for them.  Continued Below the video

All of that might be fine and dandy if China wasn’t actively working on the world stage to undermine the United States and steal our dominance. Moreover, China is the darling of the Great Reset and New World Order crowd. These are the billionaire elites that want to get rid of our constitution and capitalism and turn our sovereignty over to unelected bureaucrats at the UN, WHO, WTO, IMF, etc. They know that they need an authoritarian model to force the kind of change they want and they create methods to go around our political system so that “We The People” don’t have any say in the future of the world. They need us out of the way because they’re in competition with other billionaires who want to control the world and realize the awesome wealth that would bring. None of these billionaire elites want to lose leverage over providing for the general population. Remember, these are the people flooding our country with illegal aliens to get low wages and change our culture to one that despises our constitution and American exceptionalism.  Continued Below the video

That’s another reason we need Trump leading the charge. He knows the billionaire elites, how they plan to take advantage of us, and where the dead bodies are hidden. When you’re fighting a formidable enemy, the Globalist Cabal in this case, it’s critical to know their capabilities and strategies. These are things Trump spent a lifetime learning. Trump was schooled in the first four years of his administration, but now he knows what he’s up against and he’s had three years to put together several think tanks that have analyzed the shortcomings of the first administration and drafted plans to right them with personnel recruitment and crippling the effectiveness of the deep state top of the list. No one in the history of the world has been so capable and so prepared for this battle at this time as Trump is. Voters are smart.  Continued below the vid

They’ve already figured this out. That’s why DeSantis is running so low in the polls and can’t get traction. He’s not selling what voters want. I agree with Megyn Kelly. There is no way for DeSantis to take Trump down. The sooner we all accept that and get down to the business of building a grass roots operation of monumental proportions, the greater the chance we win in 2024. We’re wasting time and a lot of money with these primaries. The Democrats are playing us and some of these China First billionaires may be playing us too. They’d like to keep us busy bickering amongst ourselves so we can’t prepare for the general election the way the Democrats are right now. That’s the main problem I have with DeSantis – he’s helping them do it and playing into the hands of the CCP who are an existential threat and a gateway to the Great Reset and Destruction of America.  Maga Warrior

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