KARI LAKE: Trump is a ‘EXISTENTIAL THREAT’ to the government’s corrupt systems. - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

KARI LAKE: Trump is a ‘EXISTENTIAL THREAT’ to the government’s corrupt systems.

More form and about Kari Lake. This lady will be VP or even president one day, if we have fair elections. But she she does not kiss the ass of the Deep State, it all hinges on freedom.  Tick tock…we will soon find out if a second American revolution will be incoming.

We have the following posted for a few days.  Even Frank Luntz is upset with the following that Kari reposted

The original If I Were The Deep State…. Try to find ONE thing not true in this fast clip. I dare you….  Whatfinger Daily

The swamp put Donald Trump through hell for four years based on bogus allegations. Meanwhile, we have definitive proof @JoeBiden sold this country out to enrich himself & his family, & the Swamp thinks we should give him the benefit of the doubt? Enough stalling. The American people want to see action. No. We want to see consequences. We want to see CONSEQUENCES for the Biden’s corrupt actions – Kari Lake

“I’m not looking for a future in politics. I’m looking to get our country back on track because I’m a mom & I have two children & I don’t want them inheriting a nation that’s run by a bunch of radicals who are all about destroying America, destroying our liberties & freedoms, & destroying our constitution.” – Kari Lake – Clip at Twitter

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  • Would you support a Trump/Lake ticket in 2024? – Vernon Jones – Conservative Brief article linked
  • KariLake with @JoeTalkShow “The mainstream media takes their cues from Media Matters, which is a leftist organization that puts out the talking points. ‘These are the stories, This is the angle you’re gonna take.’ And sure enough, in lockstep, they all go out & say the same thing. When it’s not that ‘it’s racist, it’s fascist. It’s this. It’s that’ People are growing tired. They realize that that’s not what this is.”  Twitter Clip

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