Trump Indicted Again! (Bongino Reacts) ‘ The Moose balls on…’ - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Trump Indicted Again! (Bongino Reacts) ‘ The Moose balls on…’

Much more below including War Room… on this BS

More on this witch hunt BS against Trump

The Absolute Truth Interview With : Liz Harrington – Spokesperson For President Donald Trump. To Watch The Full Video, Click Here.

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  • SONG – “Trump Saved The USA” Thank You Mr President For Fighting For Our Freedom I Want To Hear This Loud At Every Rally Click Here To Send This To #1 Thanks – Vid clip
  • Trump couldn’t have been MORE CLEAR that day. – Fast clip – Trump
  • This POS just listened to TWO veteran IRS whistleblowers (Ones Democrat and Gay) discuss and show in detail Hunter Bidens financial crimes, ties to CCP owned companies, and Joe Bidens potential involvement, and he chose to ask them about Trumps recent indictment which they have nothing to do with. Investigate @RepRaskin – Heather Raskins

Some humor on it all, if you can even make light of the Marxist moves against our nation….  but these guys are always on point – – – –

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