Can anyone tell me how the hell this is even racist? The video by Jason Aldean now banned - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Can anyone tell me how the hell this is even racist? The video by Jason Aldean now banned

These animals on the Left want to simply ban America and freedom.  

Jason Aldean’s new video is not controversial at all, and yet CMT just pulled down his video. How about country music fans do two things: 1) Watch, share, and spread the video to support Jason 2) Don’t watch or support CMT – Charlie Kirk

If you think this is “racist”, it says more about you than it does about Jason Aldean – ALX

Country megastar Jason Aldean just released song TORCHING radical left (Back up copy from Twitter is below this Rumble version)

“Try That in a Small Town” by  @Jason_Aldean vs “WAP” by Cardi B Which do you think the media is mad about? WARNING: One of these is GRAPHIC and should NOT be read by minors, and the other is lyrics from Jason Aldean‘s song. Charlie Kirk (read below) 

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  • Jason Aldean writes a song defending the values that ALL Americans used to share – faith, family, hard work, patriotism – only to be immediately sacrificed at the altar of censorship & cancellation. These are the same people who cheer songs like “Cop Killer” & the glorification of sex and violence in hip-hop. Stand strong against these hypocrites and opportunist frauds, @Jason_Aldean. It’d be a real shame if the song hits #1. We’ll do our part & play it at our rallies. – Vivek
  • The left wants to make Jason Aldean’s song about “racism” but BLM & Antifa riots are done by the vast majority white leftists. The left uses black people as human shields to push their political agenda so they can accuse all opposition to their evil agenda as “racism” – Melissa Tate
  • This is the Jason Aldean video that CMT pulled for being “too controversial.” This song represents me and millions of others. CMT pulled a Bud Light and we won’t forget. – Ryan Fornier

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