ALERT: WEF Criminals will use more stick than carrot to force their fake Climate Change Agenda. - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

ALERT: WEF Criminals will use more stick than carrot to force their fake Climate Change Agenda.

Much below on the criminals of the WEF, that have many nations doing everything they want. This is our WEF Globalist criminal super-thread of the day

Never forget what this man said – – – 

I say WEF Officials will be the targets of all Patriots world-wide if they do this. THEY ALWAYS TELL YOU WHAT THEY ARE PLANNING. Keep that in mind as these evil low life scum of the WEF plan to destroy society.  They are doing all they can to destroy all freedom within the next decade at latest.  If American citizens weren’t armed, they would up this and do it all much faster.

More on these WEF GLobalists

AMERICA IS NEXT FOLKS>  PAY ATTENTION. These evil low lives of the WEF have Biden in their back pocket as Biden does what China says thanks to massive bribes.  These animals openly say they want to get the world population down to 500 Million within a few decades. How the hell is that possible without forcing us all to take killer vaccines, or massive international war? There are 8 billion humans on the planet right now. They are starting with the farms, in the US as well….. be warned.

And never forget – 

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  • Seems kinda familiar! Mass uncontrolled immigration to dissolve a nation’s identity and make it easier for the WEF and their dream of a one world government! Same plan the Biden administration has been using since day one! I’m sure we’ll get the same results as France! Tweet
  • RFK Jr. says Bill Gates, WEF ‘hijacked’ climate narrative to achieve ‘totalitarian controls’ | Just The News

ALSO NEVER FORGET – see our last Climate Change Hoax Super-Thread – all you need to win ANY argument with anyone who actually believes that man causes Climate Change…. It is all a Marxist BS plot to destroy all freedom and usher in a global dictatorship – see this – – save it and share it…. help keep this nation free.   See:

CLIMATE CHANGE HOAX SUPER THREAD – all you need to win any argument with the science fakers and con-artists 🔥

Also see today’s Super-Thread on Vaccines – Joe Rogan and Ice Cube on why they don’t trust Covid Vaccines. He passed up 8 million over it! Vaccines cause Autism!

Want to know more – see Whatfinger’s Vaccine Super-Thread thread from 7/1 – Nearly 1-in-3 Pfizer Vaccine Doses Were Placebo as the war on Ivermectin continues

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