DeSantis Campaign COLLAPSE Linked To “Laundering System”. DeSantis fake accounts busted - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

DeSantis Campaign COLLAPSE Linked To “Laundering System”. DeSantis fake accounts busted

DeSantis and his campaign have now reached the ridiculous level. He is desperate now that he realizes he will not beat Trump, even with Fox News and the Deep State 100% behind him, as well as Karl Rove, Jeb Bush and ALL THE WRONG PEOPLE that we in the MAGA movement have lost all respect for. All of them are for DeSantis for a reason.  See below this top vid by Dr. Turley

Deep State and Fox News Backed Desantis is dropping like a fly for many reasons

Watch DeSantis lie right here about Trump and his support of Trump

in 2016. In fact, DeSantis refused to endorse Trump long after Trump was the Republican nominee for president of United States. This deserves a community note. – Roger Stone

Team DeSantis was hilarious yesterday. 1. There is maybe 500 people there. 2. Maybe 2k people if you’re lucky 3. yeah yeah yeah most likely 4-6k 4. Looks like 8k 5. Okay 10-14k 6. Crowd size doesn’t matter. LMAO –MAGS

  • DeSantis sock accounts got caught lying trying to claim there were 2000 people in Pickens for the Trump rally today. Even POLITICO said 20,000. But this is how they respond to being casually fact checked. They’re libs. – Raheem
  • You can say whatever you want about Gov Ron DeSantis but you have to admit – the guy is fucking weird – Roger Stone
  • Everyone that’s honest knows there is absolutely zero chance Ron DeSantis will have more support than Trump and MAGA. The MAGA base is over 50% of GOP base. Their only chance is law fare, which is a laughable strategy. Trump 2024 Mags
  • “In front of a crowd. . . that may have reached 50,000 Trump barged onto the home-state turf of two of his primary opponents, Nikki Haley & Tim Scott. The size of Trump’s audience. . . was the latest ominous sign not only for them but for. . . DeSantis.” – Politico

Note to Ron DeSantis – – – – you can still save your career in politics and help America. DROP OUT OF THE RACE NOW – publicly state it was a mistake and the Deep State and Fox had you do it, and support Trump 100%.  You will have MAGA on your side after Trump’s term in office.  Whatever you do, seriously stop listening to Paul Ryan, Fox and the Deep Staters like Karl Rove. They are destroying you and forcing us all to doubt you more and more every day  –  Sgt Pat  

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