Nearly 1-in-3 Pfizer Vaccine Doses Were Placebo as the war on Ivermectin continues - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Nearly 1-in-3 Pfizer Vaccine Doses Were Placebo as the war on Ivermectin continues

The criminals of the Deep State did this to us. The stats are out, It’s called murder.  See video below this top clip. This is today’s super-Covid thread

Why are some people okay after the COVID shots while others have debilitating injuries? Well, not everyone is getting the same thing. One in three Pfizer shots may have been placebo. And, in Denmark, 4.2 percent of Pfizer batches accounted for 71% of suspected adverse events. – Vigilant Fox

We have now reached the “vaccident” stage of the COVID plandemic where famous people will begin to die – and then the public will start to panic. – Emerald Robinson (see clips below – the bodybuilder one, only 30, murdered by vaccine-Deep State)

If the COVID vaccine works so well, then how is it that the slopes of these plots reversed direction so now the most vaccinated countries are doing the worst?Steve Kirsch (link to article with info in tweet)

The War on Ivermectin | A Conversation with Dr. Pierre Kory

We have the following 4 min clip in its own thread as well –  watch this…. never give up your rights again and never fall for anything they push from this point forward

Covid is just Flu rebranded Just like the Flu, Covid is a catch all diagnosis for cold and flu like illness. It’s vital to comprehend this in the context of how to manufacture a pandemic. Once you understand this, the picture becomes much clearer. – Jordan Schachtel – Dossier

Comments – Threads and Links

  • End all mandates for all vaccines, routine childhood, adult, COVID-19, school, military, employment–all gone and all the tension in the world on vaccines goes away. Freedom of choice without pressure, coercion, or threat of reprisal would resolve the growing crisis. Dr. Peter Mccullough
  • Stop all COVID vaccines and biologics as they are not safe or effective. Also, we need to do a full analysis of the safety and efficacy of the whole vaccine schedule with assessment of risks/benefits. Also moving forward informed consent for all vaccines needs to be obtained! – Irene Mavrakakis, M.D.
  • mRNA COVID Shots Are Undoubtedly Gene Therapy Products But the regulatory agencies didn’t define them as such to bypass stringent safety standards. Now, manufacturers are exploiting the lack of oversight to replace classic vaccines with more mRNA shots. – Vigilant Fox (Epoch Times article)
  • No, actually, Democrats turned Covid into their personal attack weapon and did almost no mitigation whatsoever instead choosing to pretend that their cruel and unnecessary measures were in the name of science and not partisanship. Spare me. – Karol Markowicz

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