Joe Rogan and Ice Cube on why they don’t trust Covid Vaccines. He passed up 8 million over it! Vaccines cause Autism! - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Joe Rogan and Ice Cube on why they don’t trust Covid Vaccines. He passed up 8 million over it! Vaccines cause Autism!

See clips and info below this top one with Rogan. This is today’s Super-Thread on Vaccines

Ice Cube’s Refusal of $9 Million Role Over Stance Against Vaccination Mandate “… some of these mainstream outlets are really just an extension of these corporate conglomerates who want to, you know, kind of control our emotions, control our movement, control our spending, control our personalities, control our mind.”

There is no question vaccines cause autism. Nobody can find a kid developing autism right before a shot, but thousands of reports post-vax in as little as 2 hours after a shot. Nobody can provide a counter example (before case). – Steve Kirsch

Don’t think Big Pharma did this to us all just with Covid. It is nearly ALL vaccines. They are causing Autism we now know – Only the Amish are the smart people – NO VACCINES! And they are healthier than ALL other Americans – check this out – Unvaxxed Amish Death Rates 90 Times Lower Than Rest of America – Slay News

“The Godfather of Vaccines” Dr. Stanley Plotkin admits under oath he got paid from all of the big Pharma companies while consulting for an “Independent Report” on whether or not Vaccines cause autism. For some extremely odd reason he didn’t feel the need to disclose it in the report.

There are thousands of parents who report that their child became “overnight autistic” <24 hours after a vaccine shot. I personally know dozens of these parents. So if vaccines don’t cause autism, there must be an equal number of parents who noticed this <24 hours before a vaccine appointment. So… how come nobody has ever heard of such a case? – Steve Kirsch

And here’s a video of parents relating what happened after a vaccine shots. Triplets. All went autistic on the same day within hours after their vaccine shot. Now, can we see your video of parents telling their story of how something similar happened hours BEFORE the scheduled vaccination appointment? – Steve Kirsch (Tweet) – see Children’s Health Defense Article CLICK HERE

French Generals Attacked By Macron Government As The Generals Warn Of Civil War. They will Step in

Moron Leftist Woman Pleads With Police To Let Rioters Destroy France And Not Arrest Them

See even more of what the Left and Deep State have done to France – see: Troops called up as France collapses on video. The Revolution grows – Multiple clips – Updated 7/1

Sky News slams ‘idiot’ parents pushing trans agenda. ‘What sort of mother would…?’ – Choice

Get back to that pre-COVID feeling.

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