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Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

The Paul Pelosi Attack Narrative Is Unraveling!!!


  • Isn’t it amazing how the media hasn’t figured out the Jan 6 pipe bomber, the Supreme Court leaker, a single one of Epstein’s clients, the motive of the Las Vegas shooter, but they knew Paul Pelosi‘s midnight visitor was MAGA even before both could put their underwear back on? – Rising Serpent
  • So – now Paul Pelosi called 911 from his bathroom, didn’t just lock the bathroom door and wait for police, but instead, went back out where the attacker was? LOL – got it. Okay  – Catturd
  • The attempt to twist the Paul Pelosi attack into a broader story about supposed extremism in Republican rhetoric (so vote Dem!) is so transparently opportunistic and pathetic. Everyone can see what you’re doing, Democrats and the media, and it’s disgusting.  Media narrative: Scalise almost murdered by Bernie supporter –> That guy is crazy Kavanaugh family stalked by pro-abortion criminal –> That guy is crazy Paul Pelosi attacked by hammer-wielding career nudist and drug addict –> THIS IS EVIL REPUBLICAN RHETORIC AT WORK- Ben Shapiro
  • Funny how the actual 911 call stated Paul Pelosi said the attacker was named “David” and he was a “friend” – and now the police have suddenly changed the story to say they didn’t know each other. The actual 911 call doesn’t lie and can’t spin. How did Paul know his name? – Catturd
  • The same mainstream media democrat activists that sold conspiracy theories for years about President Trump and Russia are now blaming  Elon Musk
    for “internet misinformation” about Paul Pelosi’s friend attacking him with a hammer. The media is source of misinformation. – Marjorie Taylor Greene