RED NEVADA IMMINENT? - Laxalt, Lombardo Look Poised for a Decisive Victory in the Silver State - Choice Clips
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RED NEVADA IMMINENT? – Laxalt, Lombardo Look Poised for a Decisive Victory in the Silver State

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Nevada has become the new “white whale” for Republicans, and demography does not look favorable for them on the surface. However, with the Nevada Dem Party in disarray and Biden’s drop off in support among Hispanics and Working Class Whites, it’s very possible Republicans could make it red for the foreseeable future. And that’s what polls say they are going to do this fall.

NEVADA POLL By Trafalgar NV SENATE (R) Adam Laxalt 47% (+4) (D) Catherine Cortez Masto 43% NV GOVERNOR (R) Joe Lombardo 48% (+3) (D) Steve Sisolak 45%  Sept 17-20  1,086 Likely Voters  MoE ±2.9%  Sample: D37/R35/I28  NV US Sen General – Sept 2022 – Trafalgar Group (

NEW: Insider Advantage NV SENATE (R) Laxalt 46% (+3) (D) Cortez Masto 43% NV Hispanics (R) Laxalt 56% (+19) (D) Cortez Masto 37% NV Independents (R) Laxalt 55% (+31) (D) Cortez Masto 24% N=550 LV | 09/18-20 | MoE ±3.4% – American Greatness click here

ARIZONA POLL By Data For Progress (D) AZ GOVERNOR (R) Kari Lake 51% (+4) (D) Katie Hobbs 47% AZ SENATE (D) Mark Kelly 48% (+1) (R) Blake Masters 47%  Sept 15-19  768 Likely Voters  MoE ±4%  dfp_az_midterm_toplines.pdf (

GEORGIA POLL By Data For Progress (D) GA GOVERNOR (R) Brian Kemp 51%(+7) (D) Stacey Abrams 44% GA SENATE (R) Herschel Walker 46% (=) (D) Raphael Warnock 46%  Sept 16-20  1,006 Likely Voters  MoE ±3%  dfp_ga_midterm_toplines.pdf (

Biden vs DeSantis Net Favorability Favorable/Unfavorable (Net) Joe Biden: 44/51 (-7) Ron DeSantis: 41/33 (+8) Independents Joe Biden: 31/57 (-26) Ron DeSantis: 38/27 (+11) Suburban Voters Joe Biden: 42/55 (-13) Ron DeSantis: 45/34 (+11) YouGov | D37/R28/I35 (D+9 sample)




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