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Ron Paul: Biden Begs Taliban: Let Us Stay Six More Months

The Biden Administration seems intent on breaking the agreement signed under the Trump Administration for US troops to finally leave Afghanistan, the longest and perhaps most pointless war in US history. Rather than follow through with the withdrawal, the White House is attempting to negotiate with the Taliban for six more months. How many more Americans (and Afghanis) will have to die for this failed policy? Also today, Biden also ratchets up war tensions in Ukraine, shipping more than 300 tons of new weapons. War drums getting louder

More Videos posted March 31, 2021

Facebook Just Banned Me – This is sick, why is anyone even using Facebook?

Color first, ask questions later – Examples to stun – why are Democrats obsessed with race? Here you go… Greg Kelly

News submitted and posted to Whatfinger News 3.31.2021



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