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If Tucker actually becomes the VP candidate to stand with Trump, the VP debate will be the most watched VP debate in history, as Kamala is left burnt alive.  I can’t wait to see it.   Even better, 4 years later, who can beat Tucker as VP to Trump, for the Presidency? NO ONE, in my opinion – Mal Antoni

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  • Geezus, I have never been more impressed by someone’s ability to completely embarrass the people of the country they represent than by Kamala Harris’s brilliant speech on root causes, lmao! In all seriousness, who the hell writes her speeches? I would have thought they fired that person a long time ago. Maybe it is her that writes them? The people of the United States are going to fire her come next election either way.  – vyramdrago8217
  • If these past 3+ years don’t make you look at your kids and this country and realize for the sake of their future and this country, we must stick together and vote this democratic destruction out, and show the government officials that we want the TRUMP ADM back in 2024! then the ones that don’t see…I pray for you.Amen – Charles Carey
  • It’s money Kamala. The root cause is money. The love of money. The root of all evil. The root of all causes. – gregquinn6827
  • During a speech, Harris commented on the nostalgia of a “yellow school bus.” “Who doesn’t love a yellow school bus, right? Can you raise your hand if you love a yellow school bus? Many of us went to school on the yellow school bus, right?. 🤣🤣🤣 Vp should wear yellow Dunce hat – bobbyrickter1863

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