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Biden Committed Treason. Republicans Move To Impeach

Democrats say there’s no evidence for Joe Biden’s impeachment. Here’s some: 1. Putin’s billionaire buddy wired the Biden Family $3.5M, then they had dinner with Joe, and she’s off the sanctions list, TWICE 2. Joe flew Hunter to China and he came back with a bucket of cash and then Hunter told them to pay up or else and THEN Joe wrote the Chinese exec’s daughter recommendations to get into Brown 3. They greased the regulatory process so the Chinese could buy an American car company 4. Hunter got a massive diamond that he lost and Joe went soft on the country that gave it to him – Jesse Watters


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    • The nexus of impeaching Joe Biden is very simple. It’s not really hard math here. Article 2 Section 4 of the Constitution is the Impeachment Clause. It states that a president MUST be impeached if he commits treason or bribery. Joe Biden committed BOTH in Ukraine. Benny Johnson
    • BREAKING: Rep. matt gaetz calls House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden a “baby step,” and again threatens a motion to vacate. – Fast clip – Townhall
    • Let’s go to the tape on the evidence the “Democrats” gathered to launch impeachments against Trump. Impeachment 1: A phone call Impeachment 2: A typical political speech Now, let’s go to the evidence for the GOP’s “impeachment inquiry” into Biden. Bank records, shell companies, FBI testimony from a “trustworthy” witness, two IRS whistleblowers’ testimony, witness testimony from business partners, mobile texts, laptop documents, White House visitor logs, Air Force 2 travel logs, copying Hunter on official emails, hundreds of Burisma emails, Joe Biden using at least three known pseudonyms on emails, documentation that Hunter Biden’s sole purpose for his $83,000/month board position was to take the heat off of Burisma, the evidence that Biden was responsible for pushing to fire the Ukrainian prosecutor, Joe openly bragging about it being his idea for the ‘quid pro quo’ threat to fire the prosecutor, Joe taking along a Burisma associate on his trip to Ukraine to ask for firing the prosecutor… Kyle Becker
    • I wouldn’t be surprised if President Biden resigns for “health reasons” before this impeachment inquiry turns into actual investigations. – Glenn Beck
    • Sorry to spoil the party, but it’s kabuki theater without a formal vote. Biden will just resist the subpoenas and divert the impeachment inquiry into court. For years. McCarthy Stops Short of Calling for Vote on Impeachment Inquiry – Pollak – Breitbart
    • BREAKING: McCarthy Announces Formal Impeachment Inquiry Into Biden [WATCH] – Trending Politics


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