Krystal Ball and Her Bleach Boy Admit They Are Now Total DNC Shills - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Krystal Ball and Her Bleach Boy Admit They Are Now Total DNC Shills

Krystal Ball and her new hubby, Bleach Boy aka Kyle Kulinski, used to at least pretend to be critical of the Democrat Party. Of course, with the 2024 election now looming they have dropped even the pretense of being Democrat Party critics in favor of becoming full out shills for the DNC and Biden. Their very thin veil of independence was dropped during a recent debate with “The Hill Rising” co-host Briahna Joy Gray on the subject of supporting Biden in the next election in which they explained they are now full out Democrat shills. Why? Because as they explain… TRUMP’S FAULT!!!

NOTE: No bleach bottles were spilled during the making of this video.

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