IT’S STARTING AGAIN – Russel Brand on Masks and Lockdowns - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

IT’S STARTING AGAIN – Russel Brand on Masks and Lockdowns

As American colleges and film studios enforce the return of mask mandates, is Alex Jones right that this is leading to full Covid restrictions being reinstated in the coming months? And if dogs can detect Covid better than the best test technology, wouldn’t it be a lot cheaper to just spend money on sniffer dogs? #covid #pandamic #masks

If you are in a school that tells you to hurt your health by wearing masks, Leave.  if a business tells you that you must wear a mask, don’t go in.  Simple. DO NOT COMPLY EVER of these scam artists will be playing this all the way until election time so they can once again send out millions and millions of fake ballots to assure Biden or whoever the Democrat is, wins.

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