The DOJ Treats Donald Trump One Way, Hillary and Biden Another - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

The DOJ Treats Donald Trump One Way, Hillary and Biden Another

More below this top clip by Mark Levin, on the corruption of the DOJ and the witch hunt against Trump

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  • Each day Garland fails to appoint special counsel he proves the corruption that runs deep in the DOJ, the Dept. of Injustice. How Did Biden Really Make His Millions? It’s Time For A Special Counsel To Find Out – Federalist – CLICK HERE
  • This is an outstanding article, and there is a passage in here that spun my head 180°. If the explosive allegation Walt Nauta’s attorney makes turns out to be factual, not only is this case completely over, but corruption charges would … – Federalist Article: 6 Reasons DOJ’s ‘Get Trump’ Documents Case Is Seriously Flawed
  • Trump was right about Biden, Hunter, Ukraine and all corruption — so they impeached, raided, and indicted him. Does President Trump still have your support? – Conservative Brief


SPLISHIN ‘N SPLASHIN: 5 Down Low from Whatfinger News

Fight Clips: Workers Stand Still Like Robots While One Co-Worker is Being Strangled – Multiple clips NOT for children

Gun Control Super-Thread – Alert: Anti-Gun IRS Agents Raid Gun Store. Take No Financials, Only YOUR Purchase Forms – This is a prelude to gun confiscation after this is done to hundreds of gun stores all over America once they have their 87K IRS Stormtroopers (all Leftists and ONLY Leftists will be hired – keep that in mind) – Choice

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