Alert: Anti-Gun IRS Agents Raid Gun Store. Take No Financials, Only YOUR Purchase Forms - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Alert: Anti-Gun IRS Agents Raid Gun Store. Take No Financials, Only YOUR Purchase Forms

It is a test run before they hit gun stores all over America with their 87K IRS Agents  –  they think they can compile lists of all Americans and the firearms that you own by doing these Marxist- Soviet moves.  Be prepared folks. NEVER, EVER give up your arms. You know what to do if dictatorship is cemented by attempted gun confiscation. It is fight or lose your life, children and freedom, if we let them confiscate our guns and destroy the Constitution.  Money means nothing if we lose freedom Millions of Americans are ready to sacrifice our lives if that time ever does come, and we all hope to God it doesn’t and we get Trump into office.  But evil is afoot, here you go…    After you see this fast vid look below for much more on gun control, and clips… 

Federal Stormtroopers Descend on Montana Gun Shop. – Moonbattery has an excellent write up with great links. See 20 Heavily Armed IRS & ATF Agents Raid Gun Shop, Confiscate Buyer Records A team of heavily armed ATF and IRS agents raided a Montana gun shop and confiscated background check records of gun purchasers. According to U.S. Rep. Matt Rosendale (R-MT), the IRS confiscated 4473 forms — which amount to background check forms — but did not take financial information.

The News Variable Show, with Mal Antoni hosting… Now here on Rumble. All controversial statements by Mr. Antoni are his own opinions. If you don’t like them, don’t watch. If you are one of those nut cases who watch just to complain, get a life or stick to fake news. We have no time for your BS. America needs patriots that just say it like it is. If you don’t like it, too damn bad.
——DISCLAIMER: This show contains opinions of the host and guests and is meant for education and/or entertainment purposes only. News Variable provides information and the sources where it was obtained. Viewer discretion is advised. Email for any reason – or check out my new account over at Twitter, Not used much yet but it is also have a Facebook that I don’t use – and never check yet. I will eventually, maybe.

Joe Biden ended his remarks today calling for gun control by saying, “God save the queen.” No one has any idea what he’s talking about. Seriously, how much longer can this keep going on? – Clay Travis (see clip below)

Speaking at a gun control event, Joe ends by saying “God Save the Queen.” What the ??? is that supposed to even mean? Listening to him, I’m thinking, “God save the USA!” – Mike Huckabee

More on Gun Control…. This is 100% the Truth…

And for those of you that do not know, if we remove the top 5 cities with their gun violence as ALL are Democrat cities with gun control – we would be into the 180s on a list of nations for gun violence.  Get it? With these Democrat diseased cities – we are at 3.

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Trump Indictment Song – Heading to NUMBER 1 – so many truths in this…. Sgt A

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