More SERIOUS Questions Emerge in Horrific Paul Pelosi Attack - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

More SERIOUS Questions Emerge in Horrific Paul Pelosi Attack

  • Let’s recap: – Hillary Clinton’s 13 mobile phones smashed – Not allowed to see missing 14,000 hours from J6 – FBI has no idea what motivated Las Vegas shooter – Jeffrey Epstein suicide video ‘accidentally’ deleted – Pelosi‘s 28 security cams malfunctioned No questions, please. – Kyle Becker
  • David Depape was an illegal alien that overstayed his visa & should have been deported. If Paul Pelosi was a 2A supporting gun owner he could have shot the man that was trying to kill him. It’s dangerous Democrat policies that led to Paul Pelosi being attacked. – Marjorie Taylor Greene
  • Remember Paul Pelosi‘s changing DUI story? – Minor incident – Paul’s car was damaged – Paul’s car was totaled, no other car was involved – 2 cars totaled but no one was injured – 2nd driver was badly injured – 2nd person in Paul’s car – video reveals Paul couldn’t even walk – Catturd
  • dI just heard that over 50 former intelligence officers signed a letter saying the Pelosi gay hammer attack rumors have all the hallmarks of a Russian gay hammer attack disinformation campaign. – Rob Schneider
  • BOMBSHELL REPORT: Nancy Pelosi‘s former neighbor questions why invasion triggered no warning – Recalls FLEETS OF SUV’S AT THE MANSION 24/7, window alarms – ‘If a glass smashed, AN ALARM WENT OFF!’- Even recalls her computers scrambled by Speaker’s monitoring devices. -Daily Mail – Chuck Callesto
  • Just so we are clear. We are being asked to believe that an illegal migrant from Canada, living in a socialist commune, who participated in nudist ceremonies, was also ULTRA MAGA and this formed his motivation to “kneecap” Nancy Pelosi? Or, consider this *tell* in the NYT story… – Raheem J Kassam



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