Facebook's "Fact Checkers" Are Mad At Me Again for Posting Facts - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Facebook’s “Fact Checkers” Are Mad At Me Again for Posting Facts

More on Facebook censorship below this top vid by Mark Dice

  • Zuckerberg admitted under oath that Facebook DOES have the ability to coordinate censorship with Twitter and Google, and a Facebook whistleblower even explained how they do it. (Steve Bannon)
  • I can feel it. No amount of MSM propaganda or censorship from Twitter, YouTube,Facebook, LinkedIn can hide the stench emanating from what has happened during these two years.
  • Facebook admits coordinating censorship with Feds – CLICK HERE
  • FACEBOOK: Yes, we’re coordinating our censorship with the federal government. FEDS: Hey, y’all, we’re coordinating censorship with social media. THE JUDGE IN OUR 1st AMENDMENT SUIT: You don’t have evidence that the Feds are coordinating censorship with social media. Mark Changizi, misinformation oracle
  • The censorship on Facebook is getting ridiculous. They’re turning into the online enforcement of the Biden administration. – Ross Blair



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