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Alan Dershowitz: I have been completely cancelled

“They don’t want to be Dershowitz’d.” Alan Dershowitz explains how he has been “completely cancelled” because he is a liberal democrat who defended the constitution on behalf of President Trump and the latest in the Trump FBI raid – via. “The Record With Greta Van Susteren” on Newsmax.


Alan Dershowitz’ latest piece – –

  • President Joe Biden would have been correct had he accused some MAGA supporters of a totalitarian mindset that could lead to tyranny. But he was dead wrong in limiting this mind-set to the hard right. It is at least equally applicable to many on the hard left. These so-called “progressives” are as opposed to freedom of speech and due process for thee, as are the extremists on the hard right. And it is the special obligation of liberals – like Biden and me – to focus at least as much attention on the dangers emanating from the hard left as those from the hard right.  CLICK FOR MORE at Gatestone Institute

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