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President Donald Trump’s prediction has ‘come true 100 per cent’

The removal of the Thomas Jefferson statue in New York City shows Donald Trump’s prediction has “come true 100 per cent,” according to Sky News host Rita Panahi. “Trump told us that it wasn’t going to stop at (Confederate) soldiers – this was going to be something that was going to extend to America’s heroes,” Ms Panahi said. “Anybody who had any link with slavery was going to also be impacted.”

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  • You cannot judge the people of the past by the standards we have today. They lived in a different world than we live in now.

  • Because of a completely rigged election, this country is being lead by the most bumbling, ignorant, incompetent senile old fool who isn’t capable of leading a one car parade and a just as bumbling, ignorant, incompetent VP. The country cannot stand another year of these evil fools. We must do something.

    • “We” can do nothing alone, else we end up in solitary in jail. It seems all of the federal gov’t is corrupt, including the DOJ and supreme court. Are there enough American men who would organize and exercise their 2nd amendment rights to make things right again? Doubtful!

      • “You can’t fight city hall.”

        It’s a fool’s errand to take up arms against the largest city hall in the country – Washington D.C. They are just waiting for that very thing to occur so they may declare martial law and utilize their nearly unlimited resources, both monetarily and militarily, to make such an example out of this misguided organization of patriots that nobody would ever try such a thing again. I wouldn’t put public executions past them.

        Again, nonviolent civic disobedience is the only way forward. That’s what we should be organizing around. If we can get enough people, the message it sends will be far more effective than the sword first.

  • Did you want your children to be like Thomas Jefferson or George Floyd whose statues are spreading across woke America.

  • Not much of a ‘prediction’. It was too obvious what the crazy left was up to. Still is but the Dems are obviously just waiting for the slightest excuse to call an insurrection–scheming to trigger a big response actually– direct all the agencies of force against the public and declare a Venezuela.

    • Seems to me that’s short-sighted. I don’t care what the Dems are waiting for. Instead of cowering in fear over what the Dems might do, or say, or threaten, I want my country back. Let them declare a Venezuela. Might prove to be a good impetus for Harold’s supposition.

      • We’re all very concerned about our country and, yes, even fearful over whether the next thing they send down the pipe is going to be the catalyst for completing the destruction. We must keep our heads though and not lash out in anger which is probably exactly what they want us to do. Talking about exercising 2cnd amendment rights may feel good now, but, in actual practice, is a line that, once crossed, cannot be undone.

    • I stopped calling our great country ‘America’ on 20 January 2021. Welcome to ‘Amerizuela’, the world’s newest banana republic.

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