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Dr. Nathan Thompson: “My jaw dropped when I tested someone´s immune system after the 2nd jab”

SINCE ALL DOCTORS CAN DO THIS – everyone tell your doctor to test you NOW if you have taken the shot, especially if you took a second.  Tell them you need the test described, for if this is true,  there is going to be an explosion soon.  My prediction…  Get tested, get verified…information is key now.  YOU MUST FIND OUT.    Sgt Pat



  • Wow, the doctor really gets the point across, unfortunately, he validates most of the msm banned doctors out there!! WAKE UP!!

  • What we knew all along – the jab causes autoimmunity and kills your immune system, so that when presented with another virus, your body is not as able to fight it off, and the autoimmunity may cause your immune system to see everything as an infection and attack your internal organs, killing you.
    So, DON’T GET THE JAB!! It can and probably will kill you at some point.

  • However the folks of the hidden hand are not all that stupid. If you have watched saline solution was found in thousands of vials, in Boston and Germany for instance.
    You can look it up. In both cases, and others like it, the vials was blamed on one or a very few individuals or a company error. If you believe this i cant help you. Many many many vials are just saline. If they beeped everyone on the first shot not many would be fooled. So its starts slow, with plausible denyability as so many are not beeped. Then with each round it will be worse and worse and the beeping will get louder and lauder.

    • I did my research and it says that Fauci is a doctor. He as been caught lying to the American public multiple times now. My rating of doctors, the CDC, NIH, FDA and pharma is in the gutter. They will kill for money. The very best of the lot is complicit by being silent about the crimes they are committing in the name of the greater good. The health industry has destroyed their own reputation for multiple generations of Americans. Can’t get over that quickly. To me it doesn’t matter what pedigree of medicine he is labeled with, what matters is that he has provided clear insight to a potential problem. If it is not addressed and he is correct we are looking at 190M cases of immune deficiency. That is a huge death sentence unaddressed. So come on, are you really resistant to following his recommended blood test for just a little while?

    • It’s more than enough for your average jab-taker to refuse to listen to anything he has to say. If they watch it not knowing, and then find out he’s a chiropractor, they will sneer at you, cut you off, and deposit all the info in File 13, Almost guaranteed.

      • He just draws blood and sends it to a independent lab for results. The lab shows the results. It doesn’t matter what kind of Doctor he is.

    • He could be that or a internist that specializes in nephrology, or a family medicine doc, or a radiologist or a dentist. All have the same name .

    • And?????Did you read his complete BIO. This is what the lame steam media is going to say. He’s not qualified because he’s only a Chiropractor. Chiropractor, brain surgeon or epidemiologists , don’t matter because he doesn’t have anything to do with the test results. He just draws blood and sends it to a independent lab for results. Next thing the left is going to say is he or the lab are spiking the blood samples.. Give it up .

    • I did search, too. Lots of Dr. Nathan Thompsons, M.D.s, D.O., Phd, radiologist, pediatrician.
      Take your pick.

  • NK Cells and lymphocytes reduce when a patient has covid. I would assume the same happens right after inoculation, especially with J&J as it’s a viral vector vaccine

  • no wonder all the jabbed people are the ones getting the chink flue .The communists are doing a job on us Biteme is in on it .

    • The important piece is showing how the hospitalizations are being covered up. As in “fully vaccinated” means 14 days after the second jab. This means any person hospitalized testing positive for Wuhan Virus before this time period is “unvaccinated”. Guess when the most and most severe adverse reactions are to the jabs? A week after the first dose and this was presented by Pfizer during their FDA meeting for approving boosters. The jabs can create as many adverse affects they want and never be recorded as adverse affects be they are not fully vaccinated. And very soon per Fauci, fully vaccinated will include a booster. This is powerful people operating in fear bc they are the reason this pandemic exists. In 2009, Fauci wrote a white paper declaring a pandemic is worth using gain of function research and he even said “ignoring the possibility of a bio weapon”. They are all compromised and why Fauci said Trump would have to deal with a viral outbreak never seen before

  • Just over a month ago a UK study was released confirming that the Pfizer ‘vaccine’ attacks and damages or destroys the immune system. But, no one will believe it, because it was labeled a ‘conspiracy theory’.

    • Way past that ‘conspiracy theory’ narrative….I”ve been on this since 2019….I know now they aren’t just theories….they are a CONSPIRACY

  • He is no doctor. A doctor would not have a beard like this. I am betting this is fake. Probably chineese disinformation.

    • You are absolutely correct.
      If he were a real doctor, he would have a white coat on and a stethoscope around his neck.
      Good catch.

  • He hasn’t said, but I bet this “Dr.” is a chiropractor. I am an MD and think this guy is full of bologna! What was the date on the first test? what was his overall WBC on the second tests? Left shifted (high % granulocytes and low % lymphocytes) CBCs happen all the time and of itself is meaningless. It certainly doesn’t mean a person’s immune system has “tanked” or that there is “autoimmunity.” He doesn’t know what he doesn’t know. Very unscientific and random analysis and he clearly doesn’t manage real infections or real immune problems.

    • The question still remains. How do these shots affect the immune system, among other things. I would like to see testing before and after the shots on a much larger scale. Like everything else, it seems nobody is interested in collecting the important data which can be used to draw reasonable conclusions, as this is, after all, an experiment. We are just plowing onward in the dark, and that is unacceptable.

      • On BitChute you can find microscope slides of the blood of the jabbed. it’s all cloudy, and has broken particles of who-knows-what in it. Very obviously unhealthy blood.

      • That was and is the plan. You abide or off to the gulag. The peasants don’t need to think for themselves. The oligarchs have taken over and you do what they say.

    • Dr. Quack. Your a So called Doctor and your demeaning him for only being a Chiropractor. How elitist of you. I’m Dr. Ryan and I spit on the peasant chiropractor’s, because I’m better than them.
      What you don’t say Dr. Quack is the Chiropractor only takes a blood sample and sends it off to an independent lab for analyses. The peasant Chiropractor is only looking at the lab results. I’ll bet you do several immune tests weekly, right? We will be waiting for you to post your results. Like the peasant Chiropractor said, he hopes he is wrong, so maybe your brilliance will make his wish come true. We are waiting!!!!

    • Those who do manage real infections always remove the one drug known to both prevent and cure them, and immediately rush to sedate and ventilate, thus causing death.
      And as he said, there is no known drug to treat autoimmunity apart from steroids, so what exactly are you suggesting that a real doctor such as yourself would do?

    • I’d trust a chiropractor these days over 98% of the MD’s..since virtually all MDs are being bribed to give these shots. MD’s have sold us out for Thirty Pieces of Silver

  • I read this yesterday too. We need to see the results replicated. This maybe a small % of results.
    More scientific investigative, not agenda driven methodology.

  • Ivermectin worked in India. But it’s too cheap. No Profit here. Take it off the market
    HQCL + Zinc Taken off the market by the DS through Rx regulation. Now big Pharma has their own, more profitable therapeutic for viruses. They will provide their own competition through Govt. Contracts and Mandates.
    For God’s Sake People It’s Staring You in the Face. Fauci lied about funding the Wuhan Lab. That’s Enough for me! He’s proved over and over again to be absolutely Stupid. He obviously has no idea what he’s doing.

    • NOT stupid. Evil. He followed the same MO on HIV patients, letting untold thousands die. Look it up. (Not on Google.)

  • Have more people been tested I would like to see a more results, I am not for the vaccine by any stretch but to have just one case isn’t sufficient to start shouting.

    • As Dr. Quack Ryan? Tell him to show some immune test results between the jabbed and the unjabbed. I’m sure he’s working on it right now.

      • He was planning to do so, but then somebody offered him a shiny new car if he didn’t, so he has instead decided to spend more time with his family.

    • I think we have the VAERS / Yellow Card / EUDRAVigilance data; all of which show that something is very, very wrong with this whole covid hoax and the “strategies” being brutally imposed on the useless eaters to supposedly deal with it.
      The questions can be asked, but the conclusions are clear before we ask them; this is a deliberate and long-planned genocide.
      And there are many studies showing that there is the known lethal toxin graphene oxide in these shots; but nobody is responding to that, because all the news channels are completely compromised, and a large part of medicine and academia too, and unquestionably so, the political arena.
      If anybody is waiting for the mainstream to investigate and validate what this man is saying, they will have a long wait before they do so.
      The watchword must be “Every man for himself”, or perhaps “He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.”
      There isn’t a knight in shining armour about to show up to make it all better.

  • The U.S. Department of Health and the World Health Organization are well aware that their so-called Covid vaccination destroys the patient’s immune system, and is clearly the reason that they make the outrageous and totally moronic claim that unvaccinated people can cause the fully vaccinated to get the disease.

  • @Political_Sausage

    1. Fauci used taxpayer money to fund 60 projects in Wuhan.

    2. Fauci, CDC, AMA, FDA, etc….banned the use of HCQ and Ivermectin.

    3. Remdesivir (REM-Death-Severe) killed 53.1% of the Ebola patients that were treated. It is essentially a lethal injection. Gilead Sciences(Soros) stands to make mega-billions in blood money.

    There is enough circumstantial evidence to try them all for genocidal crimes against humanity.
    Americans were murdered by Fauci and his criminally insane colleagues, the ClotShot and a calculated hospital protocol of death.

  • What a bunch of vague, supposedly descriptive phrases… he shows detail on the pre-jab… but after jab 1, he shows just one line of results… then after jab 2, he gives some hard to see and understand stuff. I don’t like the jabs either… but I don’t think stuff like this helps, either.

  • The PCR test was and still is fatally flawed. What happens in December when the new test shows the unvaccinated in better physical condition that the ones who were pricked? That’s why the rush is on- to get everyone jabbed before the false positives disappear.

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