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Hilarious Scenes from Failed Federal Entrapment Rally at Capitol

There was a wild rumor that there might have been an authentic attendee at the Federal Entrapment Rally at Capitol Hill on September 18. Although it is still unknown if there was a real attendee, the area was chock full of press and police, both uniformed in full Teenage Mutant Ninja Star Wars Stormtroopers gear as well as “undercover.” “Undercover” in quotes because as you can see they were wearing very loud undercover uniforms. See, the purpose of being undercover is not to let people know you are undercover. As you can see, the “undercover” cops at the Federal Entrapment Rally practically shouted out their existence. Oh, and remember, there were no undercover law enforcement officers in the Capitol on January 6. None whatsoever. Especially not those who were arrested and quickly released. …On Wisconsin!



  • What’s the difference Don?

    1. Antifa and BLM broke into the Capitol Bldg.
    2. FBI instigated and agitated peaceful protest
    3. Black Capitol Police Lt. killed an unarmed woman veteran
    4, Armed undercover cop, FBI agent, or CIA agent looking to make a name for
    himself as a badass or a killer of innocent citizens

    I really think that there were a lot of similarities. Don’t you agree Mr. Lemeonade or your but buddy Mr, Cuomo, or just call him commie for short?

    • Listen to the cops testimony during Nancy’s investigation about the 6th. The exact things the cops say happened to them were the exact things that antifa did to cops at their fascists riots. And they want us to believe there were no antifa at the capitol? Yeah right.

      • Did you see them testify? They were all crying and carrying on like teen aged girls. “Oh, it was the worst thing that’s ever happened to me”, “I was never so scared in my life”. All the while tears were rolling down their cheeks. Ugh, I was so embarrassed and ashamed for them.

    • diversity is their agenda. thus, we see metro-boys in their cool fed supplied sun classes but with i-q’s less than average. gov in action.

  • Hey guys all wearing the Ray ban sunglasses , if you are going to be undercover try blending in the next time. See the purpose of going undercover is so the bad guys don’t know you are cops. Looks like you were never taught this in training because they were too busy teaching you about diversity and white rage.

  • It was quite obvious they weren’t protesters. Only thing they weren’t wearing is a jacket with three letters on the back

  • This is just pathetic. Not enough people are dumb enough to show up for them to justify having a false flag event.

  • Poor Pelosi, they wanted to shoot in the neck a ‘ patriotic ‘ unarmed women with a Hello Kitty backpack
    sooooo hard … but none were to be found 🙁

  • Poor Biden, he soooo wanted to drone them
    … but no little children waiting for toy squirt guns were to be found 🙁

  • Wasn’t that same guy slamming a little old lady over the head with a skateboard in Portland last year ?

  • Who was that fat turd running his mouth on CNN? Brian Seltzer? What an idiot. Unbelievable how terrified the democraps are in fear of America’s citizens that they cheated out of a fair election to install a bunch of incompetent socialist morons. Believe us, payback is coming, but it won’t be the senseless criminal destruction favored by the criminal democraps/antifa and blm.

  • Wicked conspicuous.

    An authentic attendee…run..run…get him on film…get a quote…where is he…is that him…what??…false alarm?….oh, he’s undercover, too.

  • Imagine If… All of those People wearing those Thick, Padded, War Combating Uniforms, Chest Armor, Helmets with Attached Bullet Proof Face Shields, and carrying body Shields left and said to each Other “What Did We Just Do?”
    Another said “Yes, I’m Thinking About This Too!” Shaking his Head adding “Why Are We Hurting The Very People That We Swore An Oath To Protect?​
    Another says “We are Americans About to Fight… Americans!”
    A Guy says “How Many Wars Americans and Militaries All Over The World have been Fought for These Guys! So Many People Have Died and Lives Destroyed Because of Us Guys Following Orders for These Guys To Get Rich and Gain More Power!”
    A woman says “These Americans Protesting… They’re Just Standing Up To Save Our Constitution, Wanting the Rights and Freedoms All Soldiers Always Thought They Fought and Died For!
    Hell, Remember when Bush said
    “The Constitution,… Is Just A God Dammed Piece of Paper!”

    They All Go Back and Join Us….. and This Time We Win!



    We Need The Military With Us This Time,


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