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Whatfinger News Is Now Larger Than Almost All Aggregates Under Us Combined! ONLY Drudge is larger…

The Old Way…

Background: For our first 3 years we kept loading links in a new browser, masking our growth as opposed to The Drudge Report… the site that caused us to create Whatfinger News. A year and a half ago Whatfinger News was 1% of the size in daily page views of Drudge.

As of September 25, 2020, Whatfinger News is now approximately 25.3% of the size of the Drudge Report… making us larger than almost all aggregates below us combined.

Below is Google Stats, which Similarweb bases their own stats on… as each day passes now the stats will reflect what Google Analytics shows below… Whatfinger News is now daily doing over 500K pageviews, most days will be 550K plus... making Whatfinger News a 16 million pageview site….

UPDATED STATS as of 9/25… We were right – we are now averaging well over 16 million page view rate per month… We thank our loyal readers! We’re killing it! Hitting over 600K some days now… and growing …Sgt Pat

Similarweb Stats should be updated 10/1 as they are a month behind. The update should show a much larger and closer to reality number, although it will include our real stats only since the 17th, as the first full day we changed loading methods. So whatever the jump is from the current number at Similarweb (only 4.98 million pageviews for August. We do this now in about 9 days) Below shows us in 7 last days.

ONLY Drudge is a larger aggregate, but we’re closing fast… With a little publicity, we can overtake him. One word from President Trump or some major publicity, and we can spurt up even faster. Then we can truly help President Trump win over Socialism and the evil that now threatens our nation from the left…

The Stats

Whatfinger was at approx. 350K pageviews a day rate up until the middle of the day on September 16th. On that day, after a site poll asking our readers should we switch, we finalized the switch to loading links in the same window, just like Drudge, CFP and most other aggregates. What that means is readers click on a link now and go to the site, whereas before a new window would open, so readers never left our site, and could visit 300 links if they pleased without ever having to use the back button – and were only counted as one pageview for us. But with the Drudge method, you leave Whatfinger, then click back, which can add pageviews just like Drudge and the rest.

What this now means… Whatfinger is now not only the number 2 aggregate after Drudge, but our monthly rate as well as daily rate bests the combination of all aggregates below us. ALL OF THEM…

Drudge Report: 63 million Page views per month
Whatfinger News is now at 16 million Pageviews plus per month…
CFP is at 6.019 million pages
Bongino (Who we love – at least his show 🙂 ) is at 3.37 million pageviews per month
The Lib. Daily is at 3.228 million pageviews per month
Rantingly is at 851,000 per month
Revolver is at 352,000 per month

Total for all sites below Whatfinger News is 12,820,000 pageviews per month.

What this means is Whatfinger News is at present the ONLY true competition for Drudge. We snuck up thanks to loading links in a new window, which hid our size in relation to other sites. Even with major publicity for some sites, such as Revolver on Fox and with a Trump Tweet, Whatfinger still is far, far larger than all competitors other than Drudge. Almost all combined too 🙂

President Trump is right, as usual….. Drudge is declining but it is Whatfinger that is taking up the slack. If our President gave us such a note on his Twitter…. We would grow far far faster, which would help him greatly as we are his greatest friends in the news industry…

To Our readers: THANK YOU for voting the way you did. Letting us show the world our true size. Together now, we can take on Drudge and help educate as many people as possible, and just maybe help Trump win even more states come November. Please spread the word, and every time you see some site claiming to be a ‘Drudge killer’ knowing now that you can add up all other’ Drudge Killers’ and still they do not match Whatfinger News in pageviews, please let them know. Help us spread the world. We’re fighting for this nation to stay free, and up against the leftist media, this is a fight for survival so spread the word…. be a keyboard warrior and help us help our nation and President Trump…

All of those clicks you all do on our advertisers we’ll be putting to good use to grow faster so we can be a force against The Drudge Report, and the rest of the fake news industry, which seems intent on destroying the GREATEST President of our lifetime. We all know the battle that is ahead…. It’s fight time… Let us all fight with our keyboards and spread the word. Refute the lies of the fake news media and help Whatfinger grow… Together we will help save this nation so that we never need to witness a real revolution, something the left wants to try. Once they try gun confiscation in a Biden Administration, all bets are off and America will see that Second American Revolution. So we MUST do everything we can to stop them.


We admit, we know NOTHING about marketing here at Whatfinger News – We only know news, and are news fanatics, and have, with your help, created the GREATEST AGGREGATE News site on Earth…. bar none. But if people don’t know we exist, our growth can still only happen by word-of-mouth. It works and our size now shows it…. but we can grow so much faster if we knew what the hell we were doing in marketing… Yeah we admit it. We never hired marketing help, we only focused on news. 🙁

Any ideas, low cost advertising, best places to advertise, any ideas – let us know. We see other smaller aggregates keep claiming they are the ‘Drudge Killer’ we see them in videos and all over trying their little games. But it does get them some readers since many don’t know about us. So this is our challenge. All we need to do is be introduced to readers, and we win. Many describe Whatfinger as a Fantasy Land for News Junkies. But if readers don’t know we’re here, growth will mostly continue by word-of-mouth.

If you have any ideas…. please let us know. – why this is not clickable – because every email we have posted that you can easily click – gets destroyed by an army of bots by the left. The left destroys everything they touch. We learned from experience. So just copy it over and email us. Please. We need marketing help, and know there are genius readers who know what to do… All we need to do is get a news junkie to visit just once, and we win! Trump wins, and America wins…

Sgt Pat, Sgt K, Chrissy and Mike at Whatfinger



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