Never trust lab-grown food from a man who openly supports the depopulation of Earth! – Matt Wallace - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Never trust lab-grown food from a man who openly supports the depopulation of Earth! – Matt Wallace

After another buying spree, Bill Gates now owns over 242,000 acres of Farmland across 18 states! HIS GOAL IS TO EVENTUALLY COMPLETELY END THE MEAT INDUSTRY Bill’s delusions and desire for control/power have led to thousands of Farmers losing their livelihoods. The majority of the world will never accept fake meat as a permanent substitute for the real deal no matter how “steak-like” it looks. Many of the chemicals used to make certain types of fake meat are known to cause cancer and a whole host of other scary health issues. Never trust lab-grown food from a man who openly supports the depopulation of Earth! – Matt Wallace

In his new book “Controligarchs”, Seamus Bruner exposes how Bill Gates is buying up farmland and the natural resources that come with it and bullying small farmers out of business just to make a profit. In the book he says how Gates uses the guise of Climate change so he can push synthetic beef on people, all while the billionaire class will continue to eat beef. Eating alternative meat isn’t about being healthy or the environment, it’s about billionaires having control of the patents and making themselves even richer. Apparently this all falls under the WEF 2030 Agenda to control every aspect of our lives. This is absolutely sickening. Bill Gates is one of the most evil people to walk this earth. Why isn’t anyone doing anything to stop him? – Travis

  • How convenient! “Controligarchs” like Bill Gates say they, and ONLY they, can save the planet with “new patented miracle products that happen to make themselves even richer and, once again, at the expense of small-scale independent farmers.” – Breitbart
  • “Why is Bill Gates buying up a quarter-of-a-million acres of farmland across the United States?” Because if you want to control the population, the best way is to control the food supply and he wants you eating fake meat and bugs anyway. – Jung
  • BILL GATES ACCUSED OF LAND ACQUISITION TO CONTROL FOOD SUPPLY AND ENRICH HIMSELF A new book, “Controligarchs,” claims that Bill Gates’ investments in farmland, synthetic dairy, and lab-grown meats are driven by financial gain rather than environmental concerns. Author Seamus Bruner, known for investigations into the Clinton and Biden families, argues that Gates is inflating his net worth under the guise of saving the planet. The book alleges a monopolization of the nation’s food supply by tech giants like Gates, with a focus on controlling intellectual property through trademarks, copyrights, and patents. Source: FOX News Mario Nawfal
  • Bill Gates continuing his drive for world domination but through his drive to end the meat industry how can he then buy up so much farmland yet not use it to its full potential ie producing food products but still make money?? Wayne Cunnington
  • NEW – A new book “Controligarchs” aimed at “exposing the billionaire class” says Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates’ investments in patented fertilizers, fake meat and U.S. farmland aren’t saving the planet but rather enriching his bank account – NY Post – Insider Paper

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