Too common: ‘A mediocre American academic—apparently desperate to win any sort of attention…spreads utter lies’ - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Too common: ‘A mediocre American academic—apparently desperate to win any sort of attention…spreads utter lies’

All over America, we are now watching a recurrent tired script play out daily: A mediocre American academic—apparently desperate to win any sort of attention by outdoing the escalating campus hatred of Israel—spreads utter lies about that country, ostentatiously performs his pro-Hamas credentials, and exhilarates in the news of the death work on October 7, whether on social media or with a bullhorn at a rally. And then his gruesomeness is met with popular outrage.

And then on cue—apparently terrified for his career—he drops the cowardly braggadocio, backpedals, and offers a temporary, weepy, groveling and completely insincere and disingenuous apology of the “I don’t know what got into me” sort. And then his university president will soon blather on that the university is devoted to free expression, BUT is concerned about any call for violence or hate speech, BUT cannot comment on a “personnel matter,” BUT reminds all of us not to fan the “cycle of violence” at “this sensitive time”. The stereotypical presidential memo’s subtext is always that in a few days no one will remember the unhinged professor’s call for violence or delight in anti-Semitic murder.

And so the offending left-wing ranter will be forgotten, can safely return to prior obscurity, and thereby remains free to spout his venom with impunity to his small, captive, exorbitant tuition-paying classroom audiences. Finally, in all such faculty hate-speech incidents, just substitute any noun like “gays”, “trans”, “Latinos”, “blacks” or any other intersectional group for the damned and slandered “Israel”  or “Jews”—and you can be assured that the offending professor in a nanosecond would have been put on permanent “leave,” or more likely summarily fired on the spot by a “bold” and “decisively acting” campus president, who would follow with the usual blah-blah memo how he and his university “have no tolerance” for hatred, etc., etc.

The university crowd’s epidemic of gushing over Hamas butchery finally tore the scab off the long-festering sore of anti- Semitic hatred and utter ignorance of history, and exposed for the world the moral bankruptcy and mediocrity that now define the American college campus. The only corrective is public pushback by previously naive donors, taxation of now tax-exempt endowment income, and the exit of the government from the student loan racket—and thus a recalibration of moral hazard, so the university at last guarantees its own loans to its own students. Cornell professor apologizes for saying ‘exhilarated’ by Hamas attack – Victor Davis Hanson

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