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Who’s Organizing This? Why Is This Insanity Being Allowed Here In America?

Who’s Organizing This? Why Is This Insanity Being Allowed Here In America? Chicago O’Hare Airport Housing Illegal Migrants “I want everybody to know that this is what they’re doing out here. I just started over at the airport. So all the migrants are living out here. It’s so clear, we still don’t know where the $120 million went. This is the city’s plan. This is what they do. This is the city’s plan. Where did the money go? We don’t know where the money went because CBS, FOIA’s weren’t responding to. Anyway, we just try to shine a light on it as much as we can and hopefully maybe somebody will step up and do something. What do you need here? What do you need? Do you need help? I’m going to Venezuela. Of Venezuela? All of Venezuela? Venezuela. Okay, okay. I mean, it’s talking to him about what he needs here for health and stuff and everything because we’re trying to get people. I can’t stay here, why not? Why not? Okay. Lo siento. Okay, that’s it. Okay. Excuse me. Okay. That doesn’t make sense to me. So, I should be getting different types of help out here and not sleeping on the floor. You guys. Necesitemos. See? Alright. So this is O’Hare Airport. So they’re upset about me being in there, but all I’m trying to do is just show everybody what’s going on. You still have people sleeping on the floors out here at O’Hare. They’re in all the police stations all across the city sleeping on the floors. There doesn’t look like there’s any plan. And it just goes all the way down. This used to be one tent, one curtain, then it was two, then it was four. And then, now it was that and everything, so. I’ll go outside. Okay.”  – Wall Street Apes

Migrants have overtaken luxury hotels in New York City. That hotel is RAKING it in! What rates are they getting per night per room from NYC taxpayer dollars? $300 per night? $500 per night per room? More? That is a great deal for new migrant arrivals coming over the border. Are they also getting a daily meal allowance for room service?  – Wall Street Apes (see clip below)

NEW: New York City Mayor Eric Adams is traveling to Central and South America to beg migrants not to come to New York City as the migrant crisis spirals out of control. Wait, I thought New York was a sanctuary city? Starting Wednesday, Adams will visit Mexico City, Puebla Mexico, Ecuador capital Quito, Bogotá, Colombia and then finally Darién Gap. Adams is reportedly hoping to use local news coverage as a way to discourage migrants from going to New York City. Last month, Adams warned that the migrants would destroy New York City. “Never in my life have I had a problem that I did not see an ending to. I don’t see an ending to this,” Adams said. Here is a crazy idea: How about we just secure the southern border? – Collin Rugg (see below)

  • The best border policy is to end incentives for illegal migrants to be here. Democrats created them but Republicans aren’t blameless either. End funding for sanctuary cities. End blanket usage of asylum policies. End birthright citizenship for the kids of *illegal* migrants. – Vivek
  • Good Morning X-Land. Waking up to a Pentagon official being arrested for running a pitbull fighting ring for 20 years, Dem Rep Henry Cuellar being carjacked, and a gang of migrants kidnapping three girls in MN, raping an 11 year old. WTP are in danger. – Watters clip at Twitter
  • Maverick County (Eagle Pass, TX) Chief Sheriff’s Deputy pours cold water on NYC’s complaints about migrants “We’re all dealing with it and some have the worst case scenario in their community. New York is a big city that can probably handle the load of immigrants”  Clip at Twitter
  • TRUMP: “At a minimum, [James] should start looking for the murderers and the criminals, the violent criminals all over New York. Do something about all of the illegal migrants pouring into our city and state… She’s a fraud…and this case should be dismissed.” – Daily Caller
  • Biden is creating a “cartel’s dream.” This must end NOW. “This is a cartel’s dream…More than 60mi [of] unpatrolled border. Wide open, to move bad guys, migrants who don’t want to surrender…& narcotics…enough [fentanyl] to kill the entire [US] population.” – Byron Donalds (clip at Twitter)

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