Naomi Wolf On New Vaccine Rollout. Something Very Fishy Is Going On… - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Naomi Wolf On New Vaccine Rollout. Something Very Fishy Is Going On…

Listen to Senator Rand Paul in the clip below this top one from the War Room, on masks, vaccines and what the Marxists are about to try on America once again.  MASKS DO NOT WORK…. Be real.

Megyn Kelly Publicly Says She REGRETS Taking the COVID Vaccine, Suspects It Caused New Medical Issue – Vigilant News

I don’t trust them even if the contaminated Leftist FDA did approve them. Too many lies already. NO MORE – Sgt Pat

Three years ago today I was given 15 minutes, because of COVID regulations, to say goodbye to my brother. Fifteen minutes to say everything I couldn’t have even fit into a lifetime. Whether he heard me or not wasn’t the point. This was the end of ANY remnant of doubt that the COVID protocols and restrictions were complete and total bullshit. This day started a month long experience of seeing the very worst in people, and seeing how nasty people could be in the name of “following the rules” – even in dealing with a family grieving a tragedy. It ended my remaining belief that certain people could be “trusted sources” just by virtue of who or what they were.

From the hospital administration to the police department to the funeral home/cemetery, we were treated with disinterest, disdain and/or disgust. There are so many details I can’t even include, but some of the “highlights”: No hotel would let us rent a conference or ballroom in order to have a “socially-distanced” wake. No Parks&Rec representatives near us (or city or nearby cities) would allow us to assemble outdoors at a park for a wake – even if we socially distanced and masked. We had to wait over a month to bury my brother, not because there were just so many waiting to be buried but because they were limiting the amount of buriel/funerals per day, while STILL forcing the families to socially distance, mask, and severely limit how many could even come. This is for an enormous cemetery on acres OUTDOORS.

So the grief I feel is inexorably and inextricably tied to an overwhelming anger, and I don’t get to experience one without being flooded by the other. I will NEVER AGAIN submit to any of those sort of restrictions, and to see talk of them returning being bandied about infuriates me. There will be no polite live-and-let-live attitude. No masking. No distancing. No limiting. No cooperation whatsoever. And Ben…I miss you beyond words.   Jenn Cheng

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  • I’ve heard some say that talk of mandates returning is “conspiracy.” The only conspiracy that exists is the conspiracy of COVID’s “return.” If they get the chance, medical tyranny will be back. – Dr. Simone Gold
  • The Healing Power of Vitamin D: What Big Pharma Doesn’t Want You to Know We know the medical establishment lied to us about COVID. And according to esteemed physician Dr. Paul Marik, they are also lying to you about the sun. – Vigilant News
  • Rather than follow the science, the CDC followed the Biden Admin’s radical political agenda to force COVID vaccines into the arms of every American, including healthy young people. Well, the COVID hysteria has returned and I will not vote to fund one penny of this COVID insanity!! – Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG) – the Great Talker who does NOTHING but talk, and talk and still support Deep State McCarthy in all things. 
  • Water Tests positive for COVID – Fast vid clip at Twitter
  • Biden’s going back to his 2020 playbook. Hiding behind COVID as a reason to not campaign. I bet there won’t even be a Trump-Biden debate in 2024 as a result. –  M. Schlapp

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