Laura Loomer: Ukrainian Nazi and CIA Asset Outed…. She has the receipts…. So Ukraine gets even deeper - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Laura Loomer: Ukrainian Nazi and CIA Asset Outed…. She has the receipts…. So Ukraine gets even deeper

To the Ukrainian CIA Seet: I am really not scared of you. I drew you out into the public as a Nazi CIA asset and you have only just confirmed what I reported. You are a felon. You were arrested for DOMESTIC TERRORISM in Florida in 2012, and you were picked up by the CIA in 2014 to join Right Sector. Felons can’t get licensed to use HAM radios. The only way you would be able to get away with your actions that you are broadcasting publicly now on Twitter in an effort to threaten me, is if you’re a protected intelligence asset. I know all about how the CIA made a deal with you to gather intelligence in Ukraine against the Russians. And now they are using you and your brother to recruit more Nazis to fight in Ukraine. I am not scared of you. You are a Nazi CIA asset and you should be in prison. @CIA @FBI is enabling Nazi assets to threaten Jewish investigative journalists and instigate violence domestically and internationally. This is a major scandal I have uncovered and the media needs to report on this. @JoeBiden ’s administration is working with and funding Nazis and Ukrainian spies to create a color revolution in the United States and interfere in US elections.  Laura Loomer

More from Laura Loomer and why the FBI, CIA, Biden and the rest of the Deep State detest her

These Neo-Nazis – who were first identified as ‘far-right’ extremists – shouted antisemitic slurs  @LauraLoomer – engaged in conversation about how they hate the right – and one of their leaders expressed support for Joe Biden and by extension – Ukraine and Azov. They don’t sound like ‘far-right extremists’ – Daily Caller

“In a startling revelation, investigative journalist Laura Loomer claims to have exclusively confirmed the presence of Ukrainian operatives & Neo Nazis at the U.S. Capitol on Jan 6, 2021.” It’s worse than that. Ukrainian spy operatives penetrated the Capitol.  Laura Loomer

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