Tucker Carlson WARNS Democrats Will Start WW3 With Russia To STOP Trump - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Tucker Carlson WARNS Democrats Will Start WW3 With Russia To STOP Trump

Democrats are indeed Desperate…

Tucker Carlson Says Several CNN Anchors Are Mouthpieces for the Intel Agencies “The intel agencies have a big effect on what is broadcast on television, and what you see on Facebook and Google as well…There are a lot of anchors including people I know well and have worked with at different networks…I’m thinking of one in particular, a national security reporter, who is just a mouthpiece for the Pentagon and the CIA and is knowingly telling lies on their behalf. It’s very, very common and I can think of a number of people at CNN who I know for a fact are doing that exact thing. They’re reading government propaganda from the intel agencies knowingly…I know that is true, I’m not speculating at all.”

The following is Crowder’s teaser for the video below…

Tucker Carlson Issues Major Warning: Biden Starts War with Russia in 2024! | Louder with Crowder


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  • This is one of the main reasons the Deep State Globalists want to put my father in jail. They know if he is President that he will immediately put an end to their plans to start World War 3 with Russia over Ukraine. Donald Trump Jr
  • Tucker Carlson says the US is approaching a HOT WAR with Russia Hinkle
  • 1) Vivek did not say what you said he said @Mike_Pence . In fact, listening to the audio clip itself, he says virtually the opposite. 2) “Strength” does not mean running around preemptively and capriciously declaring war on various countries… War with Russia! War with Iran! Do you know what someone who runs around whoring for war is called? That’s right: a war-whore, which is exactly what you are. – Viva Frei
  • Really can’t stop laughing that the regime kicked out men for not getting the vaccine and now they are spiraling about how to start world war three with Russia. Who is going to go? They all got kicked out. Maybe the Marines will go dig trenches like it’s WWI all over again. Cernovich
  • American people are suffering high inflation, low wages, and surging crime. The border is open, we’re at war with Russia, and prices on everything are up 17%. Train lines and bridges are collapsing, supplies are unavailable, and gas is expensive. Biden has failed at his job.  Paul A S
  • Douglas Macgregor accuses the U.S. Government of meddling with Zelensky’s Peace Plans with Russia. “He [Zelensky] was picked and then blessed by Victoria Nuland and the State Department as their man… These are unimaginable crimes by our government if proven true. War crimes. – Clip at Twitter
  • PM Orbán warns of a Third World War in viral Tucker Carlson interview, says US could ‘end the war in one day’. – Remix

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