A Return of Covid Tyranny? Dr. Peter McCullough Weighs In – Ron Paul - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

A Return of Covid Tyranny? Dr. Peter McCullough Weighs In – Ron Paul

The fact that Covid authoritarians want their tyranny back is no surprise, especially since no one was held accountable for the tremendous damage inflicted on the American people the first time around. But the American people of 2023 are not the same as the American people of 2019. Many eyes have been opened. A return of covid tyranny is not a done deal.

You Cannot Comply Your Way Out Of Tyranny. It Is Impossible — STOP COMPLYING. Start Rebelling. – Whatfinger

  • Reminder: Desantis would’ve handled Covid worse than Trump, not better We’re no longer going to allow team Desantis to get away with comparing 2021 Desantis to 2020 Trump – Johnny Maga (clip at Twitter)
  • 30%+ chose not to be injected with the ‘Covid Vaccine’. I have no idea how they’re going to try and convince the unconvinced to take this shit. As a descendant of Concentration Camp Survivors…who were subjected to Medical Experimentation…I will NOT COMPLY, ever. – Liz Churchill
  • Louisiana Man Finally Cleared After Making 2020 COVID Joke on Facebook. – National Pulse

Mug Shot: TOP 10 MEMES – Watch MAGA

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