MILITARY COUP in Gabon, another African nation ousts the Deep State… - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

MILITARY COUP in Gabon, another African nation ousts the Deep State…

The battle lines are forming. The Deep State and our vassal states of France, Britain etc…. vs the rest of the planet run by BRICS (China, Russia, Brazil, India and South Africa) – and in Africa our French allies who do as the Deep State says, was just thrown out of yet another nation.  Amazing how all of this is making me think we are the baddies on the global stage lately? I hate to even say it as I detest all dictatorships, but what is America now? Are we not a dictatorship in all ways except publicly admitted? We will find out next year when the persecuted Trump goes against whomever the Democrats-Marxists put up against him.  Meanwhile…

Deposed President Ali Bongo Ondimba had just been re-elected for a 3rd term, which the opposition described as a ‘fraud orchestrated’ by the ruling party Analysts are calling the domino effect of anti-French sentiment in former colonies a Francophone Spring

The people of Gabon joyfully greet the military who carried out the coup. According to media reports, the military in Gabon is seizing all government offices. The President of Gabon was last seen in public on August 26, when he voted in the elections, writes Reuters. Where Ali Bongo Ondimba is now is unknown. Gabon, like Niger, was one of France’s main allies in Africa. Gabon has a French military base and large deposits of uranium. – Sprinter

Local residents joyfully greet the military in Gabon, who last night staged a military coup in the country.  Sprinter clip at Twitter

The Military officer who led the coup in Gabon is being celebrated by fellow Gabonese military officers. – Rev Laskaris

The EU is concerned about coups d’état in Africa, which will destabilize the region, – Reuters quotes the head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell. “It will be another military coup – the Central African Republic, then Mali, Burkina Faso, now Niger and Gabon … Defense ministers should think deeply about what is happening there,” Barrell said at a meeting of defense ministers in Toledo.  Sprinter

France’s Macron is BANNED from visiting GABON after today’s military coup.

Another military coup in Africa. The military of Gabon canceled the results of the presidential elections and dissolved the power structures. On the eve of the country re-elected incumbent President Ali bin Bongo Ondimba for a third term with 64% of the vote. The opposition claimed that the elections were rigged. The family of the current president has been in power in the country for 56 years. Previously, from 1967 to 2009, the president was the father of the current head of state. – Sprinter

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