Are We The Bad Guys Now? We Are Teaming Up With ISIS And Al Qaeda In Syria… What the hell? - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Are We The Bad Guys Now? We Are Teaming Up With ISIS And Al Qaeda In Syria… What the hell?

Can you believe it? As we make the terrorists allies, the Russians are bombing them… What world are we living in where the U.S. is turning into a Deep State Marxist enemy of mankind?

In continuation of the precise and targeted bombings of Takfiri Al-Qaeda terrorist positions in northwestern Syria, Russian Sukhoi 24 bombers targeted a training camp in Idlib province, as a result of which 17 stateless terrorists were killed and many others were killed. were injured At the same time as the terrorist activities and actions of these groups increase, their destruction and destruction operations have been put on the agenda of the united forces, and their positions have been destroyed from the air and the ground during the past days. The destruction of the headquarters of these terrorists is done after long-term reconnaissance by drones and aircraft of the allies and is very precise and targeted – Sprinter (see clip below)

There are 3 main crossing between Iraq and Syria that two of them are illegally occupied by US forces. The middle corridor in the map which is named Bukamal-Qaem, is the only route that is still under control of Resistance Axis, Syria army, Russian forces. This route had been under constant attacks by US, Israel and ISIS in past years. This is a strategic route that has economic and military importance for countries of region.

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