Julie Kelly at the Proud Boys Hearing… Latest on this Deep State attack on freedom - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Julie Kelly at the Proud Boys Hearing… Latest on this Deep State attack on freedom

Just when I think I’ve heard/read/seen it all in Jan 6 cases—I just left pre-sentencing hearing for 5 Proud Boys. There are rubber stamps, partisan hacks, and aging cranks on DC District Court. And then there’s Judge Tim Kelly He just took nearly 3 HOURS reading his oral ruling denying all post trial motions. He carefully reiterated every point made by DOJ while ridiculing defense arguments. It was an absolute outrage and one more reason why we MUST have cameras in federal courtrooms.  Continued below this next fast clip

He took great pleasure in regurgitating DOJs bogus case before the broken men at the defense table—men he kept behind bars for nearly 2 years before they went to trial. He even smiled at certain points including the end. It was all performative. And his way of setting the stage before sentencing these defendants to 25 years starting tomorrow. I’ll have much more on this soon. And as soon as the transcript is done, I will post it. It’s a must read for those who still believe equal justice, due process, common sense, and humanity still exists in our nation’s capital.

BREAKING: Proud Boys‘ sentencing delayed ‘due to an emergency’: DOJ – Jack Poso linking to Post Millennial

Keep in mind, multiple FBI informants were in this group months before J6. Some were with the Proud Boys during first breach and committed crimes. Judge Kelly read texts from groups chats embedded with informants that were not attributed to any defendant. He downplayed any role of government assets. He mocked the idea Antifa was among the protesters that day—even tho footage from DC undercover cops clearly shows law enforcement’s concern about the presence of Antifa.

He again dismissed concerns that the work of the Jan 6 committee—that assigned guilt to the Proud Boys for Jan 6 and specifically mentioned the defendants during televised hearings—influenced the jury or poisoned the process. Keep in mind, jury selection coincided with the release of J6 committee report—which mentioned the Proud Boys more than 100 times. He bragged that he instructed the DC jury to avoid media and the news—for a 4 MONTH TRIAL. Julie Kelly


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  • Breaking: Feds Postpone Sentencing of Proud Boys Political Prisoners After Family and Advocates Flew in for Support – Satanists Mark Up Sidewalk Prior to Prayer Vigil via Gateway Pundit
  • Until these Judges start being impeached, nothing will change. Lady Justice is not blind and it’s way past time for the legislature to grow some balls of courage and file articles of impeachment against these political appointees.  Amy Kremmer
  • This point is very important. Many of the worst “fedposts” in the Proud Boys group chats have long appeared to be from federal informants, not the people actually charged. – Mike Benz
  • Headed to DC courthouse shortly to cover sentencing of 4 Proud Boys convicted of seditious conspiracy. Before Jan 6, DOJ used this statute against legit terrorists trying to kill Americans. Now Biden’s DOJ successfully uses it against rabblerousers who knock over a bike rack: Julie Kelly (Doc at Twitter)
  • First they came for the Proud Boys  Clip at Twitter

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