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Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Trump’s Trial Date Has Been Set – WHY IT MATTERS

Special Counsel Jack Smith recommends Dec 11, 2023 for jury selection and Jan 2, 2024 for trial in Trump’s J6 election conspiracy case It’s no coincidence that the Iowa Caucus is January 15 The DOJ is now engaging in election interference That’s the real crime here – DC Draino

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, who has called for former President Donald Trump‘s Washington, D.C., trial to be moved to a “fairer venue” in the Mountain State, is blasting prosecutors for their call to start the proceedings on Jan. 2.  Newsmax

TRUMP IS FURIOUS!! If the judge accepts Jack Smith’s proposal to begin Trump’s trial on January 2, 2024, the criminal defendant will be spending most of January in a DC courtroom instead of barnstorming across Iowa and New Hampshire during the lead-up to the Iowa caucuses. Since prosecutors expect the trial to last up to 6 weeks, that also means Trump’s campaign would be severely disrupted ahead of the Super Tuesday blitz of 16 GOP primaries on March 5th. – Jon Cooper

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  • Of course Jack Smith wants to schedule Trump‘s trial just days before the Iowa caucus. The entire purpose of the trial is to stop him from winning the presidency again. Not going to work, Jack! – Lauren Boebert
  • Hello Trump lawyers. Will you be filing an interlocutory appeal if the Obama judge imposes an intolerable gag order on President Trump? Jack Smith, thug, is also demanding a trial on Jan 2. 2024, which makes clear the regime’s intention to not only interfere with the election, but to use a DC Democrat jury to get a quick guilty finding on one or more of the bogus charges — in order to try and knock him out of the race. Will you file an interlocutory appeal if the judge refuses to push the date out until after the election? Smith, the thug, and the judge, an Obama donor and appointee, may think they are boxing you in, but they would be giving you every reason to seek appellate court, then SCOTUS appeal if need be. It’s not a sure thing, but it’s what you have. – Mark Levin
  • Trump called for the postponement of the legal proceedings initiated against him until after the 2024 election. Donald Trump wrote on his Truth Social: Special Counsel Jack Smith has scheduled one of the trials (for mishandling of classified documents) to start on January 2, before the important Iowa primaries! Only a completely out of touch with reality lunatic could choose this date, the day after the New Year, and so as to ensure maximum interference in the Iowa primaries. Such a process should never have taken place at all, and if it does take place, then only after the elections. The same should be done with other trials for the false accusations made against me by Joe Biden. This is election interference.
  • Garland and Jack Smith waited over 28 months to bring charges against Trump. For the non-crime of a former President having his presidential records, which is allowed by the Presidential Records Act. Yet they’re now demanding a trial during the middle of the Republican primary. Mike Davis
  • BREAKING: Biden regime wants to rush trial of Trump on political election dispute prosecution for Jan 2! – Tom Fitton – Judicial Watch

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