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Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

WRECKED: Congressman BRUTALIZES John Kerry for ‘China First’ Agenda

More on this faker John Kerry. Here he is getting slapped down by a little thing called facts

John Kerry‘s private jet emitted more carbon in a single flight than your car in your entire lifetime. Here he denies under oath that he ever owned a private jet. Gets busted, and then said he didn’t own the plane, his wife did – Dr. Eli David

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  • John Kerry regularly uses the word “emergency” to describe things that aren’t emergencies, but he refuses to use the word “dictator” to actually describe a dictator. The climate cult has nothing to do with the climate & everything to do with China achieving “global equity” with the U.S. Sadly, it’s working. – Vivek
  • John Kerry doesn’t believe the world is ending due to climate change. If so, he would conduct meetings by zoom, use only solar and wind energy: ‘Climate czar’ John Kerry can’t answer a question about his own staff — let alone his private jet Sandra
  • John Kerry got blasted with facts at today’s House Subcommittee on Oversight & Accountability hearing. Called clown & a grifter, his $1.6 Quadrillion USD plan removing all CO2 from the atmosphere will kill most plants & humans on Earth. See – Climate Scam

See our latest Climate Scam Hoax thread – it has all of the clips you ever need to win any debate with any con artist pushing global warming or climate change as a man-made issue. – see Climate Hoax

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