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Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

What are they scared of? Paul Joseph Watson

Much more below on the ‘Sound of Freedom’ and those desperate to stop you from seeing the movie.

The movie, SOUND OF FREEDOM. As of today July 18, has grossed$ 100 million

Hollywood can’t stand Sound of Freedom‘s success… Chad goes off on the’ QAnon bullsh*t’ – Red Voice Media Clip

The Sound of Freedom critics somehow get darker The author of a Bloomberg piece is a leftist spokesman for a “minor attracted person” advocacy group & has tweeted that pedos are a ‘stigmatized group’  DC Draino

Comments – Threads – Links

  • Why did Bloomberg commission pro-pedophilia advocate Noah Berlatsky to write a review of Sound of Freedom? Berlatsky works with the pedophile advocacy group Prostasia. – Ian Miles Cheong
  • BREAKING: YouTube has taken down @ShawnRyan762 ’s preview video with Sound of Freedom’s Jim Caviezel, exposing child sex trafficking Citing violating YouTube guidelines – Drew Hernandez
  • Sound of Freedom. “More than a movie… it’s a movement!” Yesssss! Grant Stinchfield – Fox News
  • Full review of the movie the leftist media doesn’t want you to see! #SOFMovie has a powerful message and it’s also a well made, gripping thriller which moved the audience to tears. Why is the media minimizing the plight of the millions of kids trapped in sex slavery? Libs of Tik Tok

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