Alex Epstein testifies in Congress on the ‘phony climate emergency.’ More on the Climate Change Scam - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Alex Epstein testifies in Congress on the ‘phony climate emergency.’ More on the Climate Change Scam

According to the prevailing climate pseudoscience, the ancient Egyptians and Romans must have emitted more carbon dioxide than our modern industrial world, occupied by 8 billion people. Because, apparently, changes in temperature couldn’t possibly be caused by anything except man-made emissions of carbon dioxide. #ClimateScam

How the morons play games – they change the colors, and for temps that are not bad.  This is the Climate Change cult in a nutshell

Remember folks they are moving on farms all over Europe and now the US.  You need chickens, to be self sufficient so they can’t force their controls over you

Listen to this lying piece of you-know-what – who buys beach front property

  • 2: Are you a “climate denier”? I’m a climate thinker. I think about the climate side-effects of fossil fuel use in a precise, not exaggerated way, and I also think about the many benefits of FF use—including the climate benefits that make us safer than ever from climate. – Alex Epstein
  • Climate Change Hoax – all you need to know with best clips, to never fall for the ‘global warming caused by man scam’  with the history, temps and facts even from Greenpeace founder and Weather channel founder. – Choice
  • “The common belief that carbon dioxide is driving climate change is at odds with much of the available scientific data. Data from weather balloons and satellites, from ice core surveys and from the historical temperature records. But if CO2 isn’t driving climate, what is?” From the documentary, ‘The Great Global Warming Swindle’. Watch the full documentary here: Wide Awake Media
  • Fear is the key driver for compliance. “The world is ending” is the perfect fear tactic. COVID was the test catalyst for compliance. The populace obeyed. Through fear porn, repeated slogans, censorship, our governments bent our will. Don’t let it happen again. Say NO! – Noroseglasses
  • Founder of the Weather Channel – John Coleman – “Science is about facts, and if you look at the facts there is NO man made climate change happening now” You’re correct John – it’s pretty basic science but it’s also a $4Billion dollar per day industry globally. Basically just like Covid – the rich are getting richer as they fly their private jets around while you & your family continue to get poorer. It’s that simple. – Concerned Citizen
  • All climate change is natural as our climate is driven by the Sun – not by CO2, which forms less than one 20th of 1% of atmosphere. 97% of all CO2 is natural – mankind produces just 3% – the UK produces 1% of that 3%. Polar shifts affect the climate, as do sunspots. – Paul Atherton
  • Wildfires in Quebec were Set off at same time together seen on Satellite Images on perfect clear sky the fires are seen starting at same time. It’s impossible unless they were set by man to be used as Evidence of Climate Change by Co2 Climate Lie. Sunspots drives -/+ Earth Temps. Ppl pls realise co2 only beneficial & critical 4 Plantlife 2 give us Oxygen. Co2 Climate change was setup by UN if u research True Experts, not politicians. True Driver of Earth Temps. Is infrared Radiation emitted by number of Sun Spots. Sunspots track with perfectly w/ temps – Will Gerard
  • Contrary to the claims of climate grifters like Al Gore, changes in atmospheric CO2 lag behind changes in temperature by 800 years, as evidenced by numerous ice core surveys. “So obviously, carbon dioxide is not the cause of that warming. In fact… the warming produced the increase in carbon dioxide.” From the documentary, ‘The Great Global Warming Swindle’. Watch the full documentary here: – Wide Awake Media

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