So Two Animal Men Rape a boy…. BBC says Two Women. Then they wonder why no one respects them - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
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So Two Animal Men Rape a boy…. BBC says Two Women. Then they wonder why no one respects them

Two adult men dressed as women raped a minor (a boy). One assailant was 6’3” wearing air Jordan’s and the other was 5’9” likely wearing a blonde wig. BBC decided it was more important to not offend the rapists than to accurately describe the attackers. – Texas Lindsey

See the original story – Boy left unclothed after Burgess Hill sexual assault by two women – BBC     – NEVER trust anything by media, especially Leftist controlled and Marxist media like BBC

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  • The BBC should obviously change their ‘BBC NEWS’ title to ‘BBC WOKE PROPAGANDA’ – Robert Heitner
  • They’re just reporting the police statement pretty much verbatim. Perhaps the bigger issue is the police publishing such blatant nonsense. That and the BBC News not managing to do any journalism
  • It is not just the issue with not wanting to offend the rapists, it is about protection of a certain community of higher status from any possible backlash. There are many communities that are given this protection privilege even if it risks more victims. – Justine Clownworld
  • This abhorant behaviour is being aided and abetted by corrupt government, time now to stand up and denounce all who try to portray as normal, predators should not be allowed to disguise themselves openly. – Val McLaren

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