France is still escalating…. the enemy is now armed to the teeth…. Trump warned us - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

France is still escalating…. the enemy is now armed to the teeth…. Trump warned us

What a shithole the WEF and Globalists have turned the EU into.  They are doing it to America right now in the exact same way.  The migrants coming across the border are given cell phones for a reason. They are to be organized at will for the Deep State to start trouble at will in a color revolution.  They can make France look like a Picnic as the Marxists move to solidify control over America.  Remember all of this well, and stay armed. Never surrender to these animals of the WEF, Democrat Party or Deep State.

It is inevitable that the groups will collide, and France can fall.

If something doesn’t load here you can copy and paste the url in your browser to watch France has asked social media to censor what is happening in thei9r nation so they can continue to let it happen and destroy all freedom and culture of their nation.

All part of the Deep State Plan – the WEF wanted all of this unrest so they can tighten THEIR control.  GUARANTEED

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