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Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

THE COST OF RACISM – This is a Tipping Point – Super-Thread on Racist BS

Today’s Super-Thread on racism….  Dinesh Video is below this top video by Mark Dice

THE COST OF RACISM Dinesh D’Souza Podcast Ep601

Anti-racism is code for anti-white.

Inclusive Bounty makes a decision to EXCLUDE White artists from their $100,000 “art” scholarship program.  It is anti-White racism… no?  Thread

Comments and Threads

  • “Support white-owned businesses” “Congressional White Caucus” “Sports is not white enough” “White lives matter” “White pride” = Racism, white supremacy, fascism Yet if you replace “white” with any other group, it’s “anti-racism” –End Wokeness (Tweet)
  • PSA: You have Federal Civil Rights in the workplace to not be discriminated against based on skin color Woke activists think anti-white racism is ok, but it’s illegal If you’re being targeted for your skin color, gather evidence, sue the Woke bastards, and get rich – DC Draino (Thread)

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  • Biden and Democrats have been pushing anti-White racism. The woke corporations have been happy to do their bidding. I hope more sue.Racism is racism no matter the race…it’s not right. Starbucks Ordered to Pay $25M to Manager Fired for Being White – Slay News

Gun Control Super-Thread – Alert: Anti-Gun IRS Agents Raid Gun Store. Take No Financials, Only YOUR Purchase Forms – This is a prelude to gun confiscation after this is done to hundreds of gun stores all over America once they have their 87K IRS Stormtroopers (all Leftists and ONLY Leftists will be hired – keep that in mind) – Choice

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