RESET Your Age, LOOK Younger and Live FOREVER (Seriously!) | David Sinclair - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

RESET Your Age, LOOK Younger and Live FOREVER (Seriously!) | David Sinclair

Are we closer to becoming biologically immortal? What would you strive to do or dream of if you could extend your life to even 150 years? Until recently the idea of longevity felt more like reaching your 90s and possibly 100 at best, and if you manage to accomplish that goal, a high quality of life would be best and expected. But what if you could extend your lifespan by even 10 years? Making sure that those years are exciting and meaningful would be a priority. Dr.David Sinclair, a world-renowned geneticist, is joining Tom in this episode to break down exactly why it is that we age on a cellular level, and what is now becoming possible in terms of slowing down our biological clock and even possibly reversing our biological age.

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