Democrats Panic, Governor Admits They Are Being Destroyed By GOP As Red Wave Looms - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Democrats Panic, Governor Admits They Are Being Destroyed By GOP As Red Wave Looms

  • Watch for the defining down of the “red wave.” The “wave” is skewed by baseline: GOP already has 212. If GOP adds 28+ in House, that puts them at 240+, which they’ve only hit 4x since WWII (3 since 2010). If the GOP adds 36+, that gives them their largest majority since 1928. – Ben Shapiro
  • If you think there will be a “red wave” tomorrow and you stay at home and wait to “enjoy” it you’ll fall into the same trap Hillary did in 2016. Get up early, go vote, bring a friend, bring two friends. Make it an event, tailgate, have fun! Have fun voting. – The Quartering
  • Remember, everyone, after the Red Wave hits, the only acceptable way to refer to the 2022 midterm annihilation of Democrats will be “the most secure, reliable election in history” Anything less than that is election denial. They made the rules. – Buck Sexton
  • The red wave that we are expecting tomorrow wouldn’t be possible without President Trump. He’s raised hundreds of millions of dollars for candidates, he’s held dozens of rallies for candidates, & MAGA Inc. has spent tens of millions of dollars. – Alex Bruesewitz
  • Man, if this red wave is as bad as it appears, the Democrats are going to throw Biden under the train so fast it will make your head swim. They’re going to tie him to the tracks like Snidely Whiplash. – Ben Shapiro

  • “Another Dem, a former top New York official, writes: “For the first time in my life, I just voted the straight Republican ticket for New York state. The Democratic Party has lost touch with the people they are supposed to represent.” – New York Post article
  • Democrats, starting with Joe Biden, are so extreme and out of touch with the issues Americans are concerned with. On top of that, they despise MAGA supporters. Bring on the red wave! Vote them the hell out! – Jeanine Pirro – Washington Examiner article

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