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Seriously – Here’s How Things Got To This Point


  • This is just sad, it makes me so scared for our children. they won’t know how to talk, they won’t know how to pick a mate, and they are so confused about their own identity. our children are paying for all this stupidity. heartbreaking. thanks Mark as always your report is spot on. – Cynthia Smith
  • It’s amazing that people can sue for religious reasons and “gender” discrimination. Yet when I got fired from my job of 5 years for refusing to mask and jab, not one lawyer would take my case for religious exemption. I was told by 10 different lawyers that religious discrimination isn’t against civil rights. – Austin
  • Seriously, there’s nothing wrong with being an “extremist” when we’re up against what we are fighting now. There’s nothing inherently virtuous about compromise, especially when we are expected to compromise with e v i l. In fact, I would argue the opposite. We should all be so great as to be called “extremist.” They use that term derogatorily in order to keep us from being effective. “Extremism” on the side of good is extremely good. – Cool PapaJMagik
  • So you will go to jail for “misgendering” someone but not for stealing if it’s less than 1000$? – Hinkler